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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free $25 With Sharebuilder

Earn $25 with Sharebuilder and start playing the stock market with an initial $5 investment.

If you've ever wanted to trade stocks but wanted to start out small, here's a deal for you.

Sharebuilder will give you $25 when you open an online account. There are no account minumums and no inactivity fees!

First go here and chose a stock which sells for $1 or less.

Next you will open an account here with $5. The $5 will cover the $4 trade fee and $1 to buy your share of stock. You will then receive $25 free to invest or withdraw.

Now that you have an investment account you will want to refer your friends to Sharebuilder because they will get $25 and you will earn trade credits to avoid the $4 trade fee.

Sharebuilder is a subsidiary of ING Bank.

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