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Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Year of Freebies

I just realized it has been a year and a few months since I started purchasing stuff for free trip and I thought it would be fun to post of list of all the items I've paid nothing for in the past year (and my never have to pay for again).

Contact Solution
Photo Paper
Peachtree Accounting Software
Flea & Tick Control for Dog
Light Bulbs

Things I wouldn't have purchased but will use.
Kids Listerine and Orajel Rinse
Glade Candles and Air Fresheners

Things I haven't paid for in the last 6 months
Hair color

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow, Seriously?

Yes, I know this is NEPA but I swear we barely get flurries before Christmas in my neck of the woods. Right now there is 2 inches of slushy white stuff out there and it's not even Halloween!

Oh and guess what? The power is out. Probably won't be long before the interstate are closed-haha, gotta love good ol'PA.
I'm gonna look ridiculous running to Walmart for milk and bread, but I really do need some.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Freebies & Deals Kmart, RiteAid, CVS

Here are the deals and freebies I got at Kmart with their Super Double Coupons, RiteAid's Single Check Rebates, CVS's Extra Care Bucks and coupons, coupons, coupons! I'm not as good and I don't have nearly as many coupons as Frugalsuz but I am getting better. Maybe my list plus hers will help you. If only I could remember to buy extra papers. I've been able to get out to shop on Sundays to get the deals before they are gone but keep forgetting the paper!

Kmart Freebies
Vaseline Men's Lotion $2.99 (used $1.50 the coupon was in the newspaper insert, not sure which one)
Gillette Men's Shampoo $3.50 (used $2 from PG 9/26)
Visine AC $3.99 (used $2 from RP 5/11)
Dove Shampoo $3.79 ($2 from RP 8/17 & 10/12)
J&J Steri Pads $1.69 ($1 from S1 8/10)
Ice Breakers Gum $.99 ($1/2 from S2 9/7)
Tic Tac Chill $1.49 (sorry I don't know where I got this $1.50/2 coupons)
Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber $4.50 ($1 from a previous SB purchase-will send for Mail In Rebate) $2 profit

Kmart Deals
Pedigree Good Bites Multi $3.29 ($1.50 RP 5/7) $.29
Purina Beggin Strips $2.50 ($1 RP 9/14, 8/10 & SS 10/12) $.50
Glade Carpet Deoderizer $2.19 ($1.00 SS 10/5) $.19
Hunt's Tomatoes $1 ($1/4 SS 9/21) $.50 each
Kit Kat & Hersheys Candy 3/$5 ($1/3 SS 9/28) $1 each
Swanson Chicken Broth Carton $2 ($1/2 SS 9/28) $1 each

RiteAid Freebies
6 ft or 9 ft indoor cords
Citre Shine Mist and Shine Miracle
Charles Worthington Conditioner
Kotex Tampons $1.50 profit with coupon from a free sample

5 Soy Joy Bars ($4 ECB/4 plus $3 off 5) $2 profit
Bic Comfort 3 Razors ($4 ECB plus $2 SS 10/12)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Purchased for Free

I am a little behind on posting my weekly deals.

These are the items that I bought at Rite Aid last week. All free after Single Check Rebate.

Fortunately we don't get sick a lot in this house, so when we do, we usually don't have anything in the house to make us feel better. Now I have a whole arsenal of drugs to try before I have to go buy Aleve-D which seems to work very well for me.

My Rite Aid did not have the Chapstick in stock so I couldn't double dip with the mail in rebate. The Sucrets had a $1.50 rebate sticker attached but I found a $2 rebate form here so this is a money maker.

Here are this weeks CVS freebies. I got one L'Oreal Revitalift with a raincheck sent from the company. I wasn't sure exactly which one it was for but this week when you buy a certain Revitalift you get a certain one free (that's the other shown) The 1st one was $16.99 and the rain check was "Free ($11.99-$11.99ECB)". She didn't give it to me free but took off $11.99. I didn't bring it up because I figured I was pushing it anyway, plus I was paying for the difference with a $25 gift card I got free when I transfered a Rx.

Just For Men is free after ECB and double dip with a Mail in Rebate for $8. The Arm & Hammer Essentials was not free at CVS but there is a Free After Rebate form. I got another one of these free at Walmart the other week, they had a display and the lady was just giving them out free! It pays to hit Walmart on Saturdays.

In this photo are the free samples I recieved in the mail this week (Tide, John Freida, Always Infinity). I paid $2.43-$1 MQ-$3 ECB for 2 bottles of Welch's Light=For a $1.57 profit. Thanks Frugalsuz.

Here are my freebies and deals from 2 weeks ago but you can still take advantage of them all.

That A&H Cleaner free at Walmart.

Pack of mints from

Free bounce sample.

Free Greenies Dog Treat.

Kotex-There were a lot of $1 coupons floating around to make these free at Walmart and I got coupons for $1.50 with free samples. Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes $.26, Easy Mac $.25 each and Ronzoni 12 oz pasta $.50 after coupons found here ($1 Kotex and A&H coupons too).

Wow. It has been awhile! These were CVS Freebies from 3 weeks ago. You can still get the following free after ECB in October:

CVS Vitamin D-400 IU 100 Tablets
Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste-You need a coupon from 9/28ss or CVS coupon flier. You may be able to find coupons elsewhere too, they are abundent.
WellPatch Arthritits Relief Free plus $1 with 7/13ss.
CVS Bar Soap free after $1 ECB

Check with Frugalsuz for current and upcoming weekly CVS deals

More free Kotex and free samples.
A free Quaker Granola Bar.

Free bag of coffee from Weis, there was coupon for this in an insert, now expired. I need to pay more attention to those inserts, I almost missed this one and I just saw a free roll of paper towels coupon I missed and expired! Ouch.

Free Greenies Cat Treats and Dog Treat (shown above)

A cool free razor, no longer available, sorry.

See other "Drugstore Divas" at The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Congratulations Michelle!

Congratulations to Michelle who won the Halloween Sweatshirt Giveaway!

Please stay tuned for my next giveaway "The Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom".

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's Make Some Money!

If you've got a blog you're looking to monetize then I'd like to recommend Logical Media.

Being new to blogging I was very excited to have my blog accepted and have the opportunity to earn some money with Logical Media.

My hard work is beginning to pay off. Why not let your blog work for you?

Freebies and Samples

I have been wanting to start a list of free samples and other freebies which are quick and easy to sign up for. Nothing that you have to spend 5 minutes answering a survey or pay for anything. Just minimal info and you get the goods. Here are a few to start.

Click the ad below to sign up for the Dinner Made Easy newsletter and get a free sample of Betty Crocker Potatoes. Yum, free food! is always a good place for free and easy samples like Folgers, Always Infinity, Playtex Sport, Goodnites, Carefree, Jergens Naturals, John Frieda, Kotex, Shopping list pad from PUR, Benefiber and Nicorette.

Golden Harvest Food Storage

Thanks to Freebies 4 Mom

Quaker Simple Harvest Granola Bar
Yogi Tea Sample

Free Hanes Undies Got mine today!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom

Men's Degree Deoderant Sample
Free tote bag
Haydee Chocolate Samples
Free chocalate anyone?!?

Mileage and Fuel Cost per Mile Summary

I stopped for gas yesterday despite the fact I wanted to wait a little longer. You get a more accurate mileage number when you use as much of what is in your tank as possible. I hadn't factored in yesterday's trip when I left the bigger cheaper town on Monday because I thought I would be using a different vehicle. Now I didn't know if I would make it back to big cheap town without the anxiety of that needle getting lower and lower. By keeping track of my mileage, the fact that gas gauges cannot be trusted is easier to deal with but this car doesn't give me much lee-way or warning when it get very low and truth be told, I've run out on more than a few occasions.

This morning I figured my mileage to be 29.295! That is so cool and interesting. This was cheapo Giant gas. My mileage had been going down the last few months which was depressing. Here is what I did differently:

I cleaned 25 pounds of un-needed junk out of my car.

I have been experimenting with putting the car in neutral. This requires less fuel when you can do it and gets you a little farther because the gears aren't holding you back, though I do like to use the gears to slow me down because this car eats brakes. So depending on where I am and the traffic, I think shifting to neutral will be a big help.

And of course "driving without brakes" is great to save on gas and brakes. This is what I do when lights change to red, I'm going down an incline or the speed limit is reduce. I stay as close to the speed limit. When a light changes or I know I am going to stop or turn, no more gas, or "no more speed, I'm almost there" (love that song). This is not recommended in traffic but I have noticed more and more drivers not following as closely. Maybe they are doing this as well, but if someone is right on my rear I may step it up if I get below the speed limit.

For more info check out this post on my mileage. Go here to view my mileage and cost spreadsheet. I don't know what happened to my initial formulas so if you want to use the spreadsheet delete rows 2-6.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How Not to Get the Flu

I received an email this morning regarding how to avoid getting the flu without a flu shot which they say doesn't necessarily work and can be dangerous.

The video is kind of long but you can read the important points below the video. It is very interesting.

Here is a clue to the secret weapon: It is free at CVS this month!

If you suffer from allergies, back pain, high cholesterol, insomnia or depression you can get a FREE 3 year subscription to REMEDY magazine. No credit card required.
Click Here

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Giveaway!

Here's your chance to win a great book to show you "How To Save Money On Everything" from Bargain Brianna. Enter until October 31st. Good Luck!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Giveaway!

Here is my Halloween Giveaway. It is a cute new black adult size small 4/6 sweatshirt with three skeleton in the Halloween spirit.

If you would like to enter please leave a comment telling me about your favorite part of Halloween. Me, I love it all! Well, 'cept for the really gory and scary stuff. I love the fall colors, the weather, the decorations, the costumes and the spooky movies and TV shows. (yeah Ghost Hunters)

If you'd like to receive bonus entries then do this:
1. Post about or put a link up to my giveaway on your site. Could be your blog or myspace or other site. Does not matter just put the link in a separate comment.

2. Subscribe to my blog by clicking "Subscribe in a Reader" or "Fave This Blog Technorati" in the top left sidebar. Leave another comment that you did so.

3. Once you've done the first 2 bonus entries, enter as often as you like, but no more than one entry at a time, ex. someone else must enter between your entries. Here's a tip: Have followup comments emailed to you, that way you know when you can enter again.

The contest will end on Tuesday, October 21st at Midnight (oooh, spooky :-) Please make sure there is a way for me to contact you if you win.

Stay tuned for my next giveaway "The Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom". I know you want it!!

Freebies 4 Mom Celebrates 1 Year!

If your on the net surfing for freebies you have to check out Freebies 4 Mom. She's got the mother-load of freebies, giveaway and deals and she's celebrating Freebies 4 Mom's one year anniversary this month! Congratulations!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Giant Coupon Mailer

Yesterday I received the Giant Mailer with the following coupons.

Gotsta love cheap sausage!
$1 off 2 johnsonville sausages all var. 10-16 oz pkgs. Brats on sale BOGO ($3.99) and use 2 $1/1 coupon from 10/05 S1. If you have the 2 manufacture Q you could get two packages for $1 or $1 each with one MQ!

$3/$50, $5/$70 or $8/$100 Not as good as the $5/$50 or $55 that have been printing with my order but my orders haven't been that big anyway.

$1/5 Produce Dept. You may have gotten a Catalina for $2/$5

$1off 2 dixie paper products. all var. plates , cups , or napkins. Maybe next week there will be a better sale and manufacture coupon but I wonder if Walmart would still be cheaper even without the store coupon.

$1 off smuckers natural peanut butter 16 oz jar plus $1/2 from 8/3RP

$1 off hillshire farm ultra thin or hearty slice bowl all var. 6-10oz pkg.

$1 off 2 kraft singles 12oz pkg

$.50/2 progresso microwave soups

$1off tgi fridays skillet meal all var. 24 oz cont.

$ bertolli dinner all varieties 24oz bag plus $1.75 off from 10/12 RP
$1.0ff bertolli sauce pouch all varieties 13.5oz pkg plus $.60 dbl to $1 from 10/12 RP

$1 off giant light or dark or largerbrown sugar 2pds.

These Giant coupons expire on 11/08/08. I am going to wait and see if these other items go on sale between now and then to really get the most from these coupons, while also paying attention to the expiration dates on the manufacture coupons and watching for new manufacture coupons.

Easy Ham & Bean Soup

This Ham & Bean soup is one of my standby recipes for those days when I am too busy and forgot to plan dinner (something I am working on for sure). It is so easy. It involves cutting ham and potatoes but it beats buying gross take out and cost less than $6.50 to make.

Start a medium-large pot of 5-6 cups of water boiling while you cut 4-5 medium potatoes into bite size pieces and add to the pot.

1 tablespoon of minced garlic
1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
2 chicken bouillon cubes

Cut 1 pound of ham into bite size pieces(turkey ham is cheaper and healthier and doesn't taste much different, to me anyway :-)

Add the ham and 12-16 oz frozen green beans. Return to a boil then reduce to a low simmer for 15-30 being careful not to over cook the potatoes.

1.5 lb potatoes $1.13
1 lb ham $4
12 oz Green Giant Green Bean Steamers Free (on Sale at Boyer's for $1. Used $1 off coupon from 9/7GM)
2 bouillon cubes $.13

If you try it, let me know how you like it. Everyone in my house likes this, thankfully!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Money From ING Direct

Open a free paperless checking account and make 3-signature based transactions with your debit card within 45 days and receive $50 free on the 50th day. Signature based transactions are when you use your card as a credit card and you have to sign for it as opposes to using it as a debit card with a pin. It still comes out of your checking account, it is just processed differently. I emailed sales to see if it counts at those stores that do not require a signature when your bill is below a certain amount and those transaction do count.

Go to
Use Code EM227

There are no fees except for overdraft or over-nighted check, that sort of thing. If you are not familiar with ING I have a couple of savings accounts and CDs with them for years and love it. They require no minimum balance and their interest rates are pretty decent.

Let me know if this works for you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mileage and Introducing My Mileage Calculator

My mileage went down and I'm not quite sure why. While I had a few appointments to get to that prevented me from "Driving Without Brakes", it didn't seem to be anymore than usual, I could be wrong.

Could Sheetz gas actually be better than Sunoco? I doubt it. Check out the Mileage Calculator I made to track my mileage, my cost per mile and possible reasons for my ups and downs. If you would like to use it to track your mileage, feel free. I am no expert on Excel nor am I a mathmagician so if you see any flaws in my formulas or theory, please let me know.

Not many people like the Giant gas points program. You have to have $100 in purchases to earn $.10 per gallon. Other ways to earn is to buy a lot of particular brands to get a discount. While I would like to have a stockpile of peanut butter, spagetti sauce and cleaners, I don't want to pay almost full price for them. Then the points expire fast and I have to make sure I get there to fill up before I run out. I had somehow earned $.10 off per gallon bringing it to $3.24/gallon. Wow, that's cheap. (note sarcasm) I was able to time my empty tank and my trip to Giant to coincide and I saved a whopping $1.34 on a little over 13 gallons.

Oh, and then, when I limbed it to save $1.34 on cheap Giant gas, the tanker was there! Just my luck. I have been passing up gas stations who are getting a delivery and stirring up all the gunk in the tanks so I don't put that gunk in my car. But since I was on E and my points would have expired I fill up anyway. Everyone else was so I didn't feel too stupid plus I change my fuel filter regularly.

Here is a tip on conserving gas. When parking in a lot, drive thru so that you can just pull right out. Then you won't waste gas backing out. This doesn't work well if you have to get groceries into your trunk but if your trunk hasn't opened in 6 months because it's broke like mine then your in luck! Hey, I always try to look on the bright side.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Momma Findings Giveaway

Momma Findings has added yet another Halloween giveaway.

I'll be adding her to my blogroll too!

Here are her previous giveaways still going on:

At Momma Findings you can enter many ways and times to win cool Halloween apparel!

SAVING is good.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


One lucky visitor to Deal Seeking Mom will get their own Pillsbury Sweeter America Prize Pack. The prize includes a selection of Pillsbury baking products, including:
Pillsbury Stars and Stripes Cake Mix and Frosting
Brownie Mix
Quick Bread
Pillsbury Apron
and a Pillsbury Doughboy Doll that giggles
Ends Oct 5th

At Momma Findings you can enter many ways and times to win cool Halloween apparel!

SAVING is good.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Heart My Empty Fridge

My fridge has looked like this for a few months now. During the summer, things got pared down every few weeks as we were able to get away on 4 different occasions. Also contributing to the emptiness is the fact that I have been studying how to save money on groceries by stocking up when prices are low and using coupons. However, I just haven't seemed to get the right sales and the right coupons yet and not only do I not have a stockpile but I hardly have anything because I know I can get more for less, I'm not sure of the rock bottom prices and I'm afraid to buy something only to find it cheaper later on.

The good news is, this empty fridge deal is actually working out nicely. First, it's a lot easier to keep clean. Next, I know exactly what is in there and it is so much easier to utilize the left overs and incorporate the other items into a new dish. We've always had pickles but I never offered them to my DD as a snack because I just didn't think of it. My mind is so clear now, it's amazing.

What's even more amazing is that my DH hasn't complained about there being nothing to eat like he had when the thing was packed. This is mostly due to knowing that there is enough leftovers for his lunch and having snacks of nuts and chips (and elusive pickles) available.

I've even been able to take a night or two a week off from cooking, which frees up so much time for me to actually accomplish something in a day. When there are two or three days of leftovers piling up, I can see them and use them. If I could have done that when I was working, working might not have been that bad. Yeah, right.

Another benefit to the lack of food, not only in the fridge but the freezer and cabinets is that when I finally get around to creating an inventory it won't be such a project. Denise at the "Cents"ible Sawyer has been putting together some great videos for you to check out, the latest being about meal planning, including organizing the freezers and taking inventory.

So eventually I will know my rock bottom prices, find my deals and fill up the freezers and cabinets but I hope I can keep my fridge looking a lot like this because it has made my life so much easier and less wasteful.

Giant 07/29

I tried to make the best of my 6 Giant 50 cent triplers. I even took all my 50 cent and less coupons to the store to look for unadvertised specials. I was only able to use the $.20/2 pringles. I didn't really have a need for anything else even after the discounted prices. This is what I got.

Sorry no pic my CF card is shot.

Planter’s Cashew Pieces and Halves has a $1/2 Planter’s peelies.
These and Mixed Nuts are on sale for $3 and they come to $2.50 each after coupon.
This is the cheapest I have seen besides the deal at Rite-Aid the other week and if Rite-Aid can’t keep them in stock I don’t benefit from the sale! I didn’t realize it but I could have asked for a raincheck.

Pringles Chips used $.20/2 which was tripled bringing these to $.70 each. All the regular flavors, of course were gone.

Dole Fruit cups on sale for $2. Used a $.75 coupon from August All You, doubled to $1makes this $1. Here is $1 off Del Monte printable to use when that brand goes on sale.

Celestial Seasoning Tea on sale for $2. I wanted to try Grapefruit that was advertised but they didn’t have it so since I was there I got Pear. See how they get ya? But I hadn’t tried pear before either.

Alpine Lace Provolone used $1 off a half pound coupon from the last 1 or 2 issues of Quick and Simple.

My $28.89 bill produced a $4.50 off my next purchase of $50. Check out Mom's Need to Know. She is going to post about her Giant trip. She had $.99 triplers.