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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $.65

Sign in to your or Mr. Rebates account.

Search for and click the link.

Purchase a $25 gift certificate and enter code JOY to purchase for $1.

You will get $.35 back from the rebate site you used.

If you need help getting started click here.

Deal expires 12/24

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free Facial Clay Mask After Rebate

Keep a look out for Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask with a try me free hang tag.  I found mine at CVS.  The deal is good if purchased by 7/31/12 and postmarked by 9/30/12.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Which NET10 Card is the Cheapest?

Last spring I switched wireless phone service from Verizon to NET10.  I am saving approximately 60% on my mobile phone charges by doing this.  With Verizon I was paying $1080/year for 750 minutes/month shared by two phones.  On average we used a total of about 45 minutes a month and texting was extra!

We have been using NET 10 for over 3 months now and it's time for me to purchase more service. While NET10 offers monthly plans that don't rollover minutes, I can save even more money purchasing the "Pay As You Go" plans since we don't use many minutes (and unused minutes will rollover). I like to crunch the numbers on everything to get the most for my money so of course I wanted to see which Pay As You Go Card would be the cheapest. The answer didn't come easy because NET 10 makes this difficult to figure out.  Below are your options and my conclusions.

For $45 get 600 minutes and 60 days.  A years worth of this card will cost you $270 or $.07 a minute.  Do not buy this card at all.  It is the equivalent of buying the 900 minute 90 day card but costs $30 more over the year .

For $30 get 300 minutes and 60 days.  A years worth of this card will cost you $.10 a minute.  If 1800 minutes is way more than you would ever use in a year, this card would be the cheapest route for you to go at $180/yr.

For $20 get 200 minutes and 30 days.  A years worth of this card will cost you $.10 a minute.  This card cost the same per year as the 90 day card, $240 a year, but with 1200 less minutes.  I also would not buy this card.

For $60 get 900 minutes and 90 days.  A years worth of this card will cost you $.06 a minute or $240 per year.  If you would use between 3000 and 3600 minutes a year those 600 minutes would still be $.06 a minute.  I know it would be very difficult to pinpoint your usage to between 3000-3600 but if you had to purchase additional minutes (and you can only buy 150 additional minutes per order via web) you would have to do so at $.10 per minute.  Otherwise, if your usage is below 3000 go with the $100 web card below.

Web only. For $100 get 1500 minutes and 180 days.  A years worth of this card will cost you $.06 a minute. At $200 a year you will get the most minutes for your money with this card unless you use more than 3000 minutes per year.  Then see the 90 day card.

For $25 get 750 minutes per month.  If you use over 350 minutes a month, you can go with this plan.  It comes out to $.03 to $.07 per minute. The more you use the less it will cost because the minutes do not rollover each month.  $300 a year is still really cheap compared to contract services.

For $50 per month get the unlimited plan. If 900 minutes per month doesn't do it for you, this plan is still cheaper than Verizon's most inexpensive plan at $600 a year and now you not only have unlimited talk, but also unlimited text/picture messaging, unlimited web/email and 411.

Please note that the above prices do not include taxes and fees which I am estimating to be about 11% nor do they take into consideration the cost of buying the phone.  The phones, however, can be bought inexpensively and sometimes can be as low as free if NET10 offers a pre-paid card with your phone purchase that offsets your cost.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Favorite Printable Coupons

Print coupons for your favorite brands and save at

$1/2 Folgers 3 oz or larger.
$1/4 Totinos Party Pizza.
Free Taco Seasoning if your store doubles $.50/1 Old El Paso Product

Hand Soap Coupon

Here is  a good coupon for SoftSoap hand soap from Coupon Network. $.70/1

Staples Deals Sneak Peek 9/4

Penny deals at Staples starting Sunday 9/4. See flyer here.

HP 4x6 Photo Paper Limit 2
Hammermill Ream Paper Limit 2
Pentel Sparkle Gel Pens Limit 1
Each $.01 after easy rebate. Because these are easy rebates you can pay for these items with rewards.

Staples Cap Erasers $.01 after instant savings. Limit 2

Prices good from 9/3 to 9/7

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Saveology Members Get a $15 Staples Gift Card for $8

If you haven't signed up for Saveology  yet today is the day.  You can purchase a $15 Staples Gift Card for $8.

All You Two Year Subscription for $.71 per Issue

Get a 2 year subscription to All You for $.71 per issue with 50% cash back from When you register with Shopathome for the first time you get a bonus $5 so that would make it like $.50 an issue!

Free Sample of Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers

Get a Free Sample of Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers from Sam's Club here. No membership required.

How Do You Do That? Coupon Sources

After 3+ years of doing some serious couponing, I am starting to figure out what works best for me.  This series will help answer that question I always hear: "How do you do that?" Or more like, "How do you get all that stuff free?"

~First of all, you need coupons! Well duh. You know the most common place to get coupons is the Sunday paper. So you browse through and clip the ones for products you need to buy this week and toss the rest in the garbage.  STOP!  You will save very little this way.  The trick is to save your coupons until the item goes on sale.  Then buy the product at the lowest possible price or for free before you need it. This usually happens about 4-6 weeks after the coupons are issued but can also happen that week.  Go here to learn about methods and organizers that best suit you.

~Another source of coupons is your printer., Red and are good sources to print coupons.  I update my Favorite Printable Coupons page whenever valuable printables become available. You should also search these sites before heading to the store to by items you need NOW.

~Request free samples. Not only do you get a free product to try but most of the time you receive coupons with the sample.  The free samples I post are always easy, involving either entering your address, maybe registering on a website first or liking a company on Facebook.  But I never post samples that involve purchasing something first, or run you in circles leaving you wondering if you'll even get the sample you just spent 10 minutes trying to request.  

~Doctor Offices.  Keep your eyes open for tear pads of coupons found at the dentist and other doctors.  They often net free products.  Take a few but don't take them all!

~Peelies. These are stuck to products and it is preferred you use them on that product that day. One week at CVS blink Tears were on sale for $7.99, $7.99 ECBs printed after the purchase making the product free. There was a peelie on the gel variety for $4 off so I made $4 on that purchase. Can't beat free? Yeah you can!

~Blinkies. A little red box attached to the shelves that spit out coupons.  These are good to save for a sale. I usually take no more than 4 of each. I don't recommend taking kids coupon shopping since they can be really distracting but they are good at spotting these machines. So is your forehead when you bend over to look at something on a lower shelf. 

~Inside the packaging.  Don't forget to check for coupons inside products before throwing the packaging away. frequently send free items and coupons automatically.  Definitely worth the time to sign up!

~Check company websites before shopping for items you need NOW and look for a coupon link.

~Ever see coupons laying on the shelves at the grocery store? It was left there by a Coupon Fairy.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Custom Birthday Card

Today only get a free custom Birthday card from with coupon code CSFC0811.  
Customize your birthday card then enter promo code below the credit card fields. Not credit card is required on orders below $5 because it's totally free! 

Free Nail Polish with SaveMore

I you haven't sign up for SaveMore yet you can get free nail polish at Fabulous Nails.  The vouchers are $7.50 and will be free with your $10 sign up bonus.  I would like to try that crackle nail polish.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Yankee Candle Votive or Tart from Bed Bath and Beyond

Hurry over to and click on the WILD deal at Bed Bath and Beyond.  When you shop thru this link you can purchase a Yankee Candle Votive or Potpouri Tart for $1.49 plus free shipping on Farmer's Market, Apple Cider or Pumpkin Pie flavors.  You will then get a rebate from for $1.49.  If you are new to you will get a $5 sign up bonus!
Note: You may have to pay sales tax. Mine came to $.09. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Free $5 Amazon Instant Video Credit

Go to this link for Amazon.  Click the Tweet button and sign into your Twitter account.  When you do this you will automatically have $5 credited to your Amazon Instant Video account!

$5 for a $10 Chilis, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano's, On the Border

Buy a $10 Chilis, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano's or On the Border for $5 from Saveology.

You can still get this $10 CVS Gift Card for $6 with a new membership to Saveology.

Get $20 in Plum District Credits for $10

Here's another worthwhile deal.  Get $20 in Plum District credits for $10. This is the social deal site that recently offered a $50 JCP gift card for $25.  So if they were to offer that or something similar again, that $50 could be purchased for $15 ($10 with your $5 sign up bonus).

2 Dave Ramsey Money Lessons for $1

Get 2 Dave Ramsey Money Lesson downloads for $1 with Mamasource by Mamapedia.

Free BPA-Free Water Bottles Shipped Free

That's a lot of free!  Get a free collapsible reusable BPA-free water bottle until 8/31 with SaveMore.  Sign up and get a $10 bonus that you can use toward this $5 deal making it free!
You can still get 2 free expandable vases with your credit (and free shipping).

2 Years of Parents Magazine for $2 with Eversave

If you are new to Eversave you can get a 2 year Parents Magazine subscription for just $2 with your $3 sign up credit.  This deal is just $5 if you haven't already used your credits.

Expires 9/31.

52% Cash Back at with Ebates

Get 52% cash back on purchases at with Ebates.  Pick up some cheap subscriptions (starting at $3) and maybe cross a few Christmas gifts off your list with Ebates.  There are also sales of 70-90% off and a $5 off coupon on over 250 titles. 
The expiration on this rebate is today but if you are reading this on Tuesday, double check, because the deal has been known to be extended. This offer excludes All You magazine which is still eligable for the regular 26% cash back.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Power Bands Shipped with SaveMore has another deal you can get for free with your sign up bonus of $10.  You can buy a One Negative-Ion Band for $9 plus free shipping which is completely free with the $10 credit until 8/27.  

The SaveMore deal for 2 free expandable vases is still going on too.

$10 CVS Giftcard for $6

This deal is for new members of Saveology.  Get a $10 CVS gift card for only $6!  

Share the deal and earn Saveology credits.  

Read yesterdays post about the other social deal sites.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free Deal and Get $40 of Credits at Social Deal Sites

Get 2 expandable vases today for free (free shipping too) with your $10 sign up bonus at SaveMore!

After you sign up, don't forget to share this deal with your friends. You get $10 for each when they sign up!

Sign up for Rue La La to receive a $10 credit then check back for freebies and deals.
Again, sign up, invite friends, get $10 for each!

Sign up for LivingSocial and receive a $5 credit. Once they had a $20 amazon gift card for $10.  That's an awesome deal even without a bonus! So tell your friends, they'll get $5 and you'll get $5 more too.  Check back here for the next deal. 

Same deal at Plum District. Get $5 for signing up. Get $5 for each friend.
The most recent? A $50 gift certificate for $25. It's expired but sign up now to be ready for the next big deal. You can't go wrong!

Eversave will also give you $10 for signing up. By now you know the drill, check back for a great deal!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Woolite Pet Urine Eliminator Free After Mail in Rebate

To receive your rebate offer, up to $5.99 for the purchase of Woolite PET Urine  Eliminator you must:

o Buy 1 (qty) of Woolite® Pet Urine Eliminator between 6/27/2011 and 12/15/2011
o Mail this original form along with the original/copy/written below UPC from product package and the
original/copy store cash register receipt, dated between 06/27/2011 and 12/15/2011 with the product
purchased and price paid circled.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Half Off Pocono Whitewater Rafting Adventure Deal

Get half off a Pocono Whitewater Rafting Adventure with Livingsocial.  Regularly $62, you can purchase it for $31.  I think this is a dam release trip but you can check with Pocono Whitewater.

This deal ends before 5am EST Thursday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Free Swiffer Duster

Hurry and log into your Vocalpoint account to request a free Swiffer Duster!

Free Slap Watch with

I'm becoming addicted to these deal sites!

If you are new to you will get a $10 credit for signing up.
If you are not new check your account, maybe you have a referral bonus.

Today's deal is a cool Slap Gear Slap Watch for $7 plus free shipping making this item completely free when you use your credit!

Expires sometime after midnight.

$10 CVS Giftcard for $6

Click here to get a $10 giftcard for CVS for only $6!

This offer is exclusive to first time Saveology buyers only!

Pay just $6, and you’ll get a $10 gift card to CVS. Grab this deal, and then share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email, so you can all rake in the savings. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Towel From JCPenney for $3.95 Shipped to Store

Get $2.40 cash back from when you buy 1 beach towel from JCPenney making it $3.95 when you use code FREESHIP and have it shipped to your nearest store.

When you click this link you will see a WILD Box on the right hand side.  Click it and then click BUY NOW.  It will give you a code for 10% off but in order to get the free shipping to the store you will have to use FREESHIP instead.

This made my purchase $6.35 with sales tax.  After the rebate it will be $3.95.

ShopAtHome Banner
My total cash back rewards since joining are $243.19.

$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $1.00

Here is the newest deal for Doesn't get much cheaper than this!

Get a $25 certificate for $1.00. Use these at local restuarants for big savings!

Go to and search for  Use the code HOT thru 8/16 and pay $2.  You will receive a 50% rebate from so the total cost of a $25 certificate will be $1.00!

If you need a little help getting started click here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 Get the Most for Your Money

A quick post about a money saving deal for

Go to Plum District by 8/11 and get $50 at for only $25.  You may have a credit of $5 making the deal only $20!  I paid with my Discover card to receive 2% back (it's my birthday month).  Then when I shop I will use to receive 6% back (may not receive because it's like using a giftcard but it has worked in the past). Currently there is free shipping on orders over $49 at Not sure if it will still be available when the Plum District voucher becomes available on 8/12 but the $50 can be used toward shipping.

When you refer 3 friends to Plum District you will get the voucher free!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tweet and Get $5 at Amazon Instant Video

Use your $5 credit to rent a new release movie, catch up on recent TV seasons, or even watch your favorite TV shows the day after they air. Click the banner below and look in the right sidebar for the link.

  • Connect your and Twitter accounts. (If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so).
  • Automatically follow @amazonvideo and @amazon_movies. The message "I just got a $5 credit for instant movies and TV shows @amazonvideo. Click to get yours. #get5" will be automatically tweeted from your Twitter account
  • After completing these steps successfully, browse for a movie or TV show at Amazon Instant Video, and click the "Buy" or "Rent" button.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2 Men's Puma Tees or Shorts for $5 Shipped

If you hurry, today you can get 2 Men's Puma Tees or Shorts for $5 shipped at  The tees and shorts are priced at $15.  Buy 2 for $30 and use the promo code SUMMER25 at checkout to receive $25 off.

This code is good till August 1st.  Sales change daily and shipping is free. is a new website by

Free Teeth Whitening Pen with

If you haven't used your $10 sign up credit at you can get a Free Teeth Whitening Pen with free shipping today.  Look for this deal on the right sidebar of the site.

Monday, July 11, 2011

$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $1.50

Here is the newest deal for

Get a $25 certificate for $1.50. Use these at local restuarants for big savings!

Go to Mr. Rebates and search for  Use the code SUN thru 7/13 and pay $2.  You will receive a 25% rebate from Mr. Rebates so the total cost of a $25 certificate will be $1.50!

If you need a little help getting started click here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Steps Baby 100% Cotton Footies $2 Each Shipped

One of today's sales at is Baby Steps Baby 100% Cotton Footies pack of 2 for $29 making them $2 each after promo code and free shipping.  Hurry, these will go fast!

Receive a $25 credit at Amazon's new site with promo code SUMMER25. The code is good till August 1st, sales change daily and shipping is free.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Cell Phone Cover with

If you are new to you will receive a $10 credit which you can use to buy a $12 voucher for for $6 making a cell phone cover free plus free shipping.

Expires January 11, 2012. Offer excludes vinyl skins. Not valid for cash back. Must use voucher in one visit. May not be combined with other offers. Please allow 48 hours before redeeming voucher online at Shipping is included. Order shipped same day if placed before 4pm EST on a business day (Mon-Fri). Limit one for yourself and one as a gift.

$25 Free plus Free Shipping With

Receive a $25 credit at Amazon's new site with promo code SUMMER25. The code is good till August 1st, sales change daily and shipping is free.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Nail Polish Strips Deal

Nail polish strips deal is expired but you can still get the $10 credit for signing up then watch for the next deal.

Sign up with and receive a $10 credit that can be used toward the purchase of Nail Polish Strips for $6 (50%).  You will also receive free shipping.  If you want to use the entire $10 credit you can buy 2 sets for $2 and so on, up to 5 sets.

When you refer friends to you will receive a $10 bonus and so will your friends!

Monday, July 4, 2011

White Brite Free With Online Rebate

Try White Brite Laundry Whitener for free with online rebate.  I love this online rebate, no postage, no envelopes, no copies to be made. Just print a confirmation page.

Anyway here are the details.  I found a hang tag on White Brite that says Try Me and Save up to $4 off.  It also says "valid only on the purchase of specially marked product" and "offer expires 6/30".

HOWEVER, I went to the website and was still able to submit my request even though it is 7/4.  As for the specially marked products, having a hang tag would be preferable but it looks like it may work without one because the promo code, WB0001, is listed on the site and the redemption code (a date and time stamp) is printed on each bottle.

I found mine at Walmart but could be available elsewhere.  If you try it let us know how the deal worked out for you.

Disney Store Free Shipping on All Orders Today Only

Today only all orders ship free from Disney Store including clearance items.

Shop thru the link at to get an extra 5% cash back.


If you have a Disney credit card you will also receive 10% in rewards on select purchases of $50 or more.

Wouldn't it be nice to get some Christmas shopping out of the way?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

Go here and enter code CLOUDMP3 to have a $2 MP3 credit added to your account.

Earn $50 When You Open a ING Direct Checking Account

Open a free paperless checking account and make 3-signature based transactions with your free debit card within 45 days and receive $50 free on the 50th day. Click the image below.

Signature based transactions are when you use your card as a credit card and you have to sign for it as opposes to using it as a debit card with a pin. It still comes out of your checking account, it is just processed differently. I emailed sales to see if it counts at those stores that do not require a signature when your bill is below a certain amount and those transaction do count.

There are no fees except for overdraft or over-nighted check, that sort of thing. If you are not familiar with ING I have a couple of savings accounts and CDs with them for years and love it. Click here to read more posts about ING. They require no minimum balance and their interest rates are pretty decent.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $1.00

Here is the newest deal for Doesn't get much cheaper than this!

Get a $25 certificate for $1.00. Use these at local restuarants for big savings!

Go to and search for  Use the code SUMMER thru 6/30 and pay $2.  You will receive a 50% rebate from so the total cost of a $25 certificate will be $1.00!

If you need a little help getting started click here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Free Quickbooks Simple Start at Staples

This week (expires 6/18) purchase Quickbooks Simple Start at for $105.99 then submit for a $105.99 Easy Rebate to get it for FREE.  Because it's over $75 shipping will be free and delivery is next day.

Shop thru a link at and get 2.5% back which will help with some of the tax if any. Get 2% back at Ebates or Mr. Rebates.

Use a credit card that offers rewards and make sure you pay it off before you get charged interest.  I am using my Southwest Rapid Rewards card to get $8.43 worth of points towards free flights.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ebates Offering Cashbaq Members Their Rebates

Were you a member of  Unfortunately they didn't make it through the recession and went out of business.  You probably kisssed good-bye any rebates you were owed.  Maybe you even wrote off all rebate sites.  I hope not because I can tell you that with the exception of, which I had received checks from in the past, I have had no problems getting money from Ebates and Mr. Rebates.

There is some good news about Cashbaq.  Ebates is offering former Cashbaq members the rebates they earned but were unable to collect.  If you are a current member of Ebates check your e-mail for details.  It says they will give you the amount of your Cashbaq balance for returning to Ebates. I never left Ebates but was still able to take advantage of the offer.  If you are not an Ebates member you may still be able to sign up and get your rebate so give it a try.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Shipping 2 Days Only

You can get free shipping at using code MEMDAY for 2 days only.

Shop thru the link at ShopAtHome and recieve 10% on your order plus sign up bonus if you are new.

Below are current sales to look for:

Warehouse Clearance Event - Up to 60% off
Tink's Treasure of the Week - Soft Dolls - $12.50
Kids Flip Flops- 2 for $6
Personalized Beach Towels - $7.99
Swim Sale - Up to 40% off
2 Medium Plush - $28
2 Kids Sleepwear Items - $24
Snowglobe Sale - Up to 40% off
Up to 30% off Baby Shop Sale

Deals, Freebies & Moneymakers Now and Week of 5/29

Walmart-Right Now

Ivory Soap (3 ct.) 
$0.97-$1/1 Ivory Bar, Body Wash, or Liquid Hand Soap (P&G 05/01)=FREE +
overages comes off the rest of the order

Black Flag Fly Paper
$0.98-$1/1 Black Flag (RP 5/15)=FREE

Black Flag Fly Swatter
$0.98-$1/1 Black Flag (RP 5/15)=FREE

Carefree Pantiliners
$0.94-$1/1 Carefree Product (SS 05/08)=FREE

Noxema Bikini Razors
 $1.97-$2/1 Select Noxema Razors(RP 05/011)=FREE

Propel Zero
$0.50-$1/2 Propel Zero Calorie Drink (SS 02/13)=FREE 

Reach Floss
$0.88-$1/1 Select Listerine or Reach Products (SS 04/17)=FREE 

Ace Hardware Until 5/30 Free after Rebate Items

Cutter Backwoods Insect Repellant Spray (6 oz.)
Skinsations Ultra Light Insect Repellant (4 oz.)
$1.50/1 Cutter Product(RP 05/22)
$4 mail-in rebate (Limit 2)
FREE with rebate & coupon

Women’s Leather Palm Gardening Gloves (S or M)
Pay $2.99-$2.99 mail-in rebate (Limit 1 of ea. size)=FREE 

Totally Green Biodegradable Car Cleaners
Car Wash (64 oz.), Tire Shine (22 oz.), Wheel Cleaner (22 oz.)
Pay $3.99-$3.99 mail-in rebate (Limit 1 ea.)=FREE 

Ortho Home Defense Max Perimeter Insect Killer (2.5 lbs.)
Pay $5.99-$5.99 mail-in rebate (Limit 2)=FREE

Microfiber Automotive Cloths (3 pk.)
Pay $1.99-$1.50 mail-in rebate (Limit 1)=$0.49

Scott All-Purpose Plant Food (3 lbs.)
Pay $3.99-$3 mail-in rebate (Limit 2)=$0.99 ea. 

There are 25 stores within 50 miles of here.  The closest to us is 20 miles away. Gotta love the Greater Hazleton Area. It's like the plague! But I'm not bitter.

CVS 5/29-6/4

Preparation H Wipes (10 ct.) 
Pay $3.99-
Use $2/1 Preparation H Product printable-
Receive $3.99 ECBs (Limit 1)=
-$2 Money Maker

Mars Chocolate Singles (1.08-2.15 oz.)
Pay 2/$1-
Receive $1 ECBs wyb 2 (Limit 1)=

Cortaid Creams (2)
Pay $3.99 x 2=$7.98-
Use $3/1 Cortaid  (RP 05/15) x 2-
Recieve $3 ECBs wyb $7 (Limit 1)=
-$1.02 Money Maker

Rite Aid 5/29-6/4

Renpure Organics Shampoo or Conditioner (8-13.5 oz.)
Pay $4.99-
Recieve $4.99 +UP Reward (Limit 2)=
FREE or 
Possible Money Maker-Look for bottles with Free After Mail in Rebate hang tags and make $4.99 (check limitation, you may be able to do two different types).

Aquafresh Kids Pump (4.6 oz.)
Pay $1.99-
$1/1 Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste (RP 04/17)-
$1/1 Aquafresh Kids  May RA printable=

How to Use is a great way to find coupon matchups for the deals you want.  Not only is it a good resource for knowing whats free but it makes it easy to find the best deals on other items you may need by sorting the lists to show the percentage you will save on the products.

For instance, once you sign up and log-in, click on "Drugstore Deals" and choose from Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, Dollar General, Walgreens, Target and Kmart.

You will then see a spreadsheet like this:

Click Arrows to Sort List By Column
Cpn. Out Description Cpn. ValueQty.Sale Price Final Price % Saved 
N/AThis list shows various Grocery Coupon Deals found at an Atlanta Wal-Mart store. Prices may vary by store so this is intended to be a guide, not a guarantee.N/A1$1.00$1.000%
N/AThis list was updated 5/20.N/A1$1.00$1.000%
N/A8th Continent Soy Milk, half gallon (visit their website, and print a $2/1 coupon, final price shown after coupon)N/A1$0.73$0.7373%
05-15 S9 Lives Wet Cat Food 12 can variety pack$1.001$4.42$3.4223%
05-15 S9 Lives Wet Cat Food 4 pack$1.003$1.25$0.9227%

Now you need to sort by the last column "% Saved". Click on the "down arrow"(all the way to the right). You will then see this:

Click Arrows to Sort List By Column
Cpn. Out Description Cpn. ValueQty.Sale Price Final Price % Saved 
04-17 S1Reach Floss 55 yds--Charity!$1.001$0.88FREE100%
05-08 SCarefree Pantiliners 20 ct--Charity!$1.001$0.94FREE100%
05-15 SPert Plus 2in1 Shampoo 1.7 oz (travel size)--Charity!$1.001$0.97FREE100%
05-15 RPSensodyne ProNamel (travel size) .8 oz--Charity!$1.001$0.97FREE100%
05-01 PGIvory Bar 3 ct--Charity!$1.001$0.97FREE100%
05-01 S2DampRid Moisture Absorber 10.5 oz ($2 Rebate available from purchases made through 6/30, makes it FREE after coupon and rebate, you will pay $2 more at the register)$0.501$0.46FREE100%
05-15 RPBlack Flag Fly Paper 4 ct$1.001$0.98FREE100%
N/AWilkinson Sword Disposable Razor 4 ct (printable coupon avail here, $1/1, final price FREE)--Charity!
Printable Coupon
03-27 RPSuper Poligrip Free .75 oz (coupon for free up to $2.00)--charity!$2.001$0.00FREE100%
04-03 SSimilac Ready Feed 1 quart - charity!$5.001$5.47$0.4791%
05-01 PGFixodent Cleanser 36 ct--Charity!$3.001$3.47$0.4786%
05-15 SRonzoni Garden Pasta--Charity!$1.001$1.18$0.1885%
05-22 RPDegree Mens/Womens Deodorant (travel size) .5 oz$0.751$0.97$0.2277%

You can now see several items that will be totally free and the coupons you will need.  You can also decide if you would like to buy other items at 91% off, 85% off, 77% off, etc.  Then check the items and print a list of just the items you will shop for.