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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Save-A-Lot Free Spaghetti Dinner

The participating stores are in WA and OR only.

I just got an email that says this but since I took the time too request the coupon they will be sending me a $5 coupon. I would feel bad about that but like I said below, the coupon could be a good way to get me in the store for the first time.

On Saturday you can get the fixings for a free Spagetti Dinner at Save-A-Lot. Click the link, fill in the form and you will be able to print a coupon for a free box of spaghetti, jar of sauce, can of green beans and corn and garlic sticks. Check that your store is participating first.

I have never shopped at Save-A-Lot but they claim to keep the prices low by keeping thier overhead low and stock only the most popular items and sizes. This coupon may be a good reason to stop in and check out the prices they offer.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun Giveaways to Enter

Mary at Mommy's Money Cents is giving 2 winners 100 coupons each. After this week's Kmart double coupon event I could use this win to replenish my coupon inventory! Ends 3/2

Amy has a fun giveaway for a $10 CVS Gift Card at her blog Tips From A Mom of 3. So get over there for your chance to win but, first, go get your last CVS reciept, if you have one, you'll be needing it! Ends 3/2

Stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway of the Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom and a $5 Chevron gas card.

What Deals I've Been Up To

Beside Kmart you mean? Ok, here you go:

Free Kashi Entree for Viva, Metamucil, All You Trial Offer, Selsun Blue, Crest Whitestrips, TENA, Benefiber, Huggies, Maybelline, Always and Poise

Fine Dining for the price of Fast Food

Free Clean and Clear Make-Up Wipes thanks to Deal Seeking Mom

BOGO free Old Country Buffet, Hometown Buffet, Ryan's or Fire Mountain thanks to Sisterly Savings

Samples from Pop Tarts.

Free Diet Dr. Pepper


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Giant, Rite-Aid, CVS deals and Kmart Brag and Walgreens Too!

Rite-Aid Total $35.11

4 Packs Wrigley Gum On Sale BOGO Free-Used 2 Free Coupons from SS2/22. 4 Free

Zilactin Toothache Swabs-Free after SCR

10 SoyJoy Bars $.50 each-Free after SCR

4 Bottles of Listerine totaling-$20.36 used 4 $2 coupons-will get back $10 in SCR

Used $5/$25 Rite-Aid coupon thanks to Money Saving Mom

Profit of $2.64 after sales, rebates and coupons.

CVS-Total $29.84

CVS Children's aspirin Free after EB

2 Nature's Dentist Mouthwash-Used 2 $2 coupons and will send for $10 rebate. Thanks to Money Saving Mom. Check out the other deals there. I missed out on the Renuzit money maker and some of the other items I picked up earlier this month.

Instant Energy 6Hour Free after EB

CVS Cotton Makeup remover pads Free after EB.

Profit of $1.58 after stamp for rebate.

See how others saved at CVS Superstars.

There are other samples and coupons which I received in the mail so be sure to check my "What Deals I've Been Up To" posts by clicking the deals label.

I also picked up a copy of All You at Walmart, filled with great coupons.

Giant-Total $14.27-I had a few coupons for free items which were expiring this week. I held them in case a rebate or BOGO oppurtunity arose but it didn't so off to Giant. Why Giant? Because you get gas points for your purchases there so that's the best way I could maximize my savings.

Delmonte Tomato Free can-I can't find this but if you sign up you'll be ready for the next promo.

Boost Kids Drink Free coupon no longer available.

Rachel Ray dog food samples $.76 each-Used $1 coupon sent with sample.

Sauve Shampoo from free coupon offered to all on 1/14.

Here is what I bought at Kmart this week which was $122.16 but I only paid $4.23 for after coupons doubling, tripling, sales and rebates. Most of the coupons were from the Sunday paper and most of the time I only buy 2 papers a week, once in a while I will buy up to 4. You can see the prices and coupon matchups here.

Check out Drugstore Divas for more drugstore savings. I probably won't get a chance to post a pic of my Walgreens savings but it includes moneymaker sardines (mmmm), free nutritional drinks, Johnson's body lotion, heat wraps, contact lens solution, and cheap tomato sauce and wax paper.

Welcome & Thanks

Hello Sisterly Savings readers and thank you for dropping by. I hope you find my blog a helpful tool for saving money. Let me know how I'm doing, leave a comment.

Thank you Jennifer for the Kmart link and Ring Around the Blog!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kmart Doubles & Triples Coupons 2/22-2/28

Updated list with 6 more free items and other deals.

Hit the Kmart Double and Triple coupon event today and we made out like bandits, but the legal way. Here is a list of deals to look for with the coupon match up. FYI-ss=Smart Source rp=RedPlum pg=Proctor Gamble q=coupon MIR=mail in rebate.

See how I prepared here.

Thank you Jen and I'm sorry for being a "coupon witch" but I was in the "coupon zone" ya' know?

These items were free after double coupons.

Soft Soap Hand $1.99-
$1 from 2/1ss and 2/20 All You Mag

Rimmel Nail Polish $1.97
$1 from 2/22rp

ACT Mouthwash $3.99-$2 1/4ss

Ziploc Steam Bags $1.49-$1 1/11ss?

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa $1-$.50 don't know where it came from, sorry

Revlon Nail Clippers $1.25-
$1 from 2/8ss

Revlon Tweezers $1.99-

$1 from 2/8ss

Rimmel Mascara $1.97-

$1 from 2/22rp

Ban Solid $2-

$.75 from 2/22ss-tripled

Crest Toothpaste $3-

$1.50 from 1/18pg

Bic Twin Select 10 pack $3.29-

$2 from 1/18ss

Bayer Children's Aspirin 36ct or 72ct $1.99-

$1 from 2/1rp

Goodlife Cat Treats $2-

$1 from 12/14 and 1/4rp The dog treat q's worked on the cat treats.

Huggies 32 ct wipes $2-

$1 from 1/11ss

Glade Carpet and Room Deoderizer $1.50-

$1 from 2/22ss

Endust $3.29-

$2 from 1/11rp

Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning $1.50-

$1 from Weight Watchers Mag

Bic Comfort Razor $4-

$2 from 1/18ss

Oral B Indicator Twin Toothbrushes $3.69-

$2 from 2/8pg

Reach Toothbrushes $2-

$1 from 2/8rp

Flex Gel Toothbrush $3.79-

$1 from 1/4ss Special display with free after MIR tear pad=$2 profit

Other deals:

Quaker Granola Bars $2.50-$1 from free sample.=$.50

Max Factor Mascara $2.10-$1 from Kmart monthly flyer =$.10

Wet Ones 40ct $2.29-$.75 2/08ss tripled=$.09

Ocean Spray Juice $2.50-$1 1/11rp=$1.50

Act Mouthwash $4.49-$2 1/4ss=$.49

Nivea Shave Gel $2.19-
$1 from 2/8rp=$.19

Snyders Pretzel Pieces $2.33-

$1 from 2/22ss=$.33

Johnson's Body Wash $2.49-

$1 from 2/22rp =$.49

Rimmel Nail Polish $2.03-

$1 from 2/22rp =$.03

Secret Deoderant $4.29-

$2 from 2/22rp =$.29

Gillette Conditioner $4.50-

$2 from 1/18pg= $.50

Satin Care Shave Gel $2.69-

$1 from 2/8pg= $.69

You can check out other Kmart deal lists at MNTK, Nicole's Nickels , It's Hip to Save , Money Saving Madness and Bargain Briana. I'm doing my best to make the list easy to read but blogger doesn't always do what you tell it.

SSSSSS ( Sundays Savings Shopping with Super Sister Steph)‏

You are good at this, it is in your blood. Mom was a bargain shopper too, remember the J&E? :-) Great title, thanks for not adding any more S words.


Order Total $59.23

I paid $33.45

Kmart Order
Total $ 122.28
I paid $ 20.20
Rite Aid
order total $17.33
I paid $2.33

Try Free Hillshire Farms Chicken or Turkey

UPDATE: I picked up the Hillshire Farms Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast. I have heard that you can do this rebate more than once if it is a different Dept. #. This on is Dept. D.

I just sent for my rebate of Hillshire Farms Deli Select Ultra Thin Hickory Smoked Chicken Lunchmeat. I am not sure if this will work on other varieties but I was happy to see that it appears you do not need the peelie from the product to do this rebate. So if you find this product without the peelie you should have no problem. There is a coupon for $.55/1 RP 10/05.

If you want to try it with another variety, the coupon will cover the postage and if it doesn't work at least you didn't lose out on a stamp. If it does work you could be ahead $.13 or more if your store doubles it.

Here is the deal:
Purchase Hillshire Farms Deli Select Ultra Thin Hickory Smoked Chicken Lunchmeat by 06/30/09 (postmark by 07/31/09) and receive a rebate upto $4.99 by submitting:

-On a 3x5 index card write your name, address, city, state, zip and email.
-1 UPC from the package
-the original store reciept with the purchase price circled

Send to:
Hillshire Farm Try Me Free Offer
PO Box 6154 Dept. A
Douglas, AZ 85655-6154

You can check the status at

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kmart Double and Triple Coupons

Kmart is doubling and tripling coupons this week but check to see if your store is participating first, then get your coupons ready for tommorrow morning!

I always come home with a ton of free and really cheap stuff when Kmart doubles coupons valued $.76 up to $2 (ex $2 is worth $4). This is the first time they have tripled coupons up to $.75 at my store and I am trying to find out how that is going to work. I am not sure if that means a $.55 Q is worth $1.65 or will only be worth $.75.

Other things to keep in mind:
-They will double up to the price of the item. No overage.
-They do not take internet printed coupons.
-They may not double coupons for $$ off more than one item. Ex. $1/1 will work, $1/2 won't work. I know, that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard but that is how they do it at my store.
-Coupons of a value over $2 will not double. I know that is obvious but it's worth mentioning when you are in the mindset of doubling everything. Then when you go to Walmart you'll have a hard time not doubling the value of your coupons :-)
-BOGO and free items coupons don't double.
-Cannot use more of 4 of the same coupon.
-Limit of 25 coupons per customer.

How do I get organized for KMart doubles? Well, thanks to Sisterly Savings I have a day to plan before the promo begins.

Of course, I have been saving my coupon flyers each week and if I see a coupon that usually results in a free item, whether it be at a drugstore, grocery store or Kmart. I clip it and put it in my Couponizer. The more you shop for these deals the better you are at spotting these coupons.

I'll go thru each pocket of the couponizer and start pulling the high value coupons for items I need or will likely result in a freebie. (double check that they aren't expired...)

I'll put these in the front of the appropriate pockets and when I get to the store I go thru each pocket as I go thru each aisle searching for my deals.

You can go here and here to see lists of items that were great deals during previous Kmart double events. I've noticed I will get a lot of the same items each time so those coupons are easy to spot.

Now I will be all ready to go shopping tommorrow if I'm not puking!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Earn with Swagbucks

Search & Win

Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google and Ask. When you search the internet you will be rewarded with Swagbucks which can be redeemed for prizes. For example: You can earn a $5 Amazon gift card with just 45 Swagbucks. It may not seem like much but we search the internet so much, we might as well get something out of it.

What I like about Swagbucks, besides the opportunity to get something for free, is that you don't have to download their search bar. Search bars, whether downloaded knowingly or accidentally, always hijack my computer, aggravate me and are hard to get rid of.

So how do you remember to use it? Well, you can make Swagbucks your home page or you can set it up so that it opens in a second tab (as a second homepage). That is what I did. This is convenient because it's there and ready to go when I want to search but I can still use the other tab for everyday stuff like my Google reader and Tupperware.

Once you sign up you'll learn different ways to find Swagcodes like this one, MONEYSAVINGS, thanks to Carrie. You can earn Swagbucks in other ways too like recycling old electronics, inviting friends to use Swagbucks and submitting poll ideas.

Click Here

Thursday, February 19, 2009

CVS Deals

I didn't think there were any worthwhile deals to hit up CVS for but as the week wears on more and more are coming out of the woodwork.

Buy two Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bars at $2.99 and receive $10 ECB=$4.02 profit. Thanks Money Saving Mom. She's also got the scoop on a Natural Dentist Mouthwash money maker.

Sisterly Savings has the scoop on how you can maximize your purchasing power by using that coupon for 1 free Sauve Shampoo we all signed up for on January 14th. The coupons have started to arrive this week and there is a deal at CVS which involve combining a sale, ECBs, IPs and that coupon to get 3 free products.

The Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste 4oz is free after EB. Use $1/1 coupon from 2/1SS for $1 profit. Limit 2.

This comes from Frugal Suz-Buy 2 CVS trial size cotton pads (25 count) at $0.99 each, get $2 EB=FREE Suz says you can find coupons for $1 off CVS skincare in stores to make a profit.

You can view a more complete list of CVS deals here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Aunt Betty's Basement

The Times Shamrock newspapers (NEPA) have a free classifieds section to list items of $250 or less for sale. It is called Aunt Betty's Basement and this might be a great way to get rid of some clutter and make some money and the advertising is free.

From North to South:
Times Tribune - Scranton
Citizens Voice - Wilkes-Barre
Standard Speaker - Hazleton
Republican Herald - Pottsville

Not in NEPA? Check with you local paper and see if they have anything like this you could take advantage of.

Search & Win

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free 100 Gallons Heating Oil for Those in Need

You may be eligible for 100 gallons of heating oil free if you qualify. I don't know what the income guidelines are, but I have seen a certificate and the free oil is no strings attached.

The following states participate: Alaska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and DC.

Go to for more info. Application are taken Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm.

Turn everyday spending into college savings.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where To Get Great Coupons

All You (1-year) magazine is a great resources for lots of coupons.

Sign up with Pampers Village. The last two mailers sent had a coupon for $1 off 1 roll or more Bounty paper towels. Wait until the single rolls go on sale BOGO and get two for cheap or free.

When you sign up with Vocalpoint you will receive samples and lots of coupons that sometimes results in free items.

From Proctor & Gamble the Home Made Simple mailer has lots of coupons for cleaning products (that's where I saw the Dawn Q, Jen) There is always a coupon for a free item too.

Warm Delights
So now that you are saving your coupons from the paper, buying extra papers, collecting extra coupons from friends, pulling blinkies and tear pads and getting all those other great coupons mailed to you-you are going to need a coupon organizer or you'll lose you're mind!

Things I Have Sold On Ebay and

Because of the way my ebay/ accounts are set up and my activity with each, my paypal account has dwindled. See, when I sell something on ebay, the proceeds go into the paypal account but when I sell something on (which I have been doing more of lately) the fees come out of paypal but the proceeds go directly to my checking. There is a seminar I would like to take and I need to pay with paypal so I figured this would be a good incentive to finally get some things up on ebay.

I recently discovered Ebay Selling Coach who has asked us bloggers to post about some of the things we sell on ebay. So here is a list of the things I have had luck with.

childrens shoes
pew bows-bought on ebay/resold on ebay
Halloween costumes
used leotards for dance practice
tickets to amusement parks I didn't want
old rusty bicycle (I don't reccommend, I started at $1 and had 1 person bid, so it turned into a lot of work for little pay off)
motorcyle seats
old oil cans
old hanging scales
saddle bags (Always describe your product accurately and picture any damage. These had bite marks from small hungry animals and some mold. If I hadn't mentioned that on my listing the buyer might not have been too happy.)
paper shredder
fax machine

That's just some of what I remember. The book "Good to Great" sold well for me too. I fell into about 10 of these and made some decent cash. They are still selling steadily.

My books and videos (and will soon be posting music and video games) go on It is so easy. Just type in the upc or isbn and all the info comes up including pics and shipping costs are figured for you. You just have to choose the condition and price. You will get an email from when it sells telling you where to send it. You can pay for and print your shipping label then schedule a carrier pickup, all online.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Money for Recycling

If you were frustrated with Staples not accepting your brand of ink cartridges for recycling, here is some good news for your wallet and the environment.

You can now earn up to $30 per month in Staples Rewards when you recycle ANY ink cartridge or toner. They are now accepting Brother, Canon and Epson. You will get $3 in rewards for every cartridge recycled, limit of 10 per month.

Staples Rewards is cool because you use the rewards to purchase items free, but even cooler, you can double-dip when you use the coupon to purchase items that are free or cheap after rebate. Basically you can get paid to buy stuff for free. You gotta love that.

See for details.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free 411/Directory Assistance From Google

Here's a cool way to save money on your phone service.

I have always kept a phone book under the passenger seat of my car. This way, if I was out I could always look up a number if I needed it. One day a friend of mine was with me and on the phone with her husband who told her to call an auto parts store about a part for her car. She responded "I'm in a car, what do you want me to do, pull a phonebook out of my *ss?" I said "well actually...look under your seat". I thought that was a pretty nifty trick, don't you?

Anyway, there are times when my local telephone book doesn't have what I'm looking for, or I'm not near a book, which then requires me to make a call to 411. With my cell company I am charged $1.49 plus airtime and $1.99 if I call from my landline (but I always use the internet at home), so of course I avoid this whenever possible. I already pay too much for phone service.

I've found a solution to the phonebook and 411/directory assistance charges and it is 1-800-goog-411. When you dial this toll-free number you then say the city and state, you'll get the listing and goog 411 will connect you...FOR FREE! Ha! Take that telephone company, your going down! Sorry, I am just so excited that I found a way to avoid giving Verizon anymore of my money.