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Friday, November 6, 2009

Restuarant Gift Certificates Instructions

I have purchased them in the past and they do work. Here is a step by step to make purchasing your certificate as easy as possible. You may want to print this post or open the link in a new window. Please read this post completely before purchasing.

Click on the link and search for a restaurant. From here you can buy a $25 certificate-Select the restuarant and click "Add to Cart", enter promo code. You will now see your 70%-90% savings. Now you can checkout.

If the restuarant you want to go to is a more expensive one then get a $50 or $75 certificate. I considered this but bought only $25 since it was my first time and I was skeptical. There was no way we could have kept our bill below $50 at the restuarant we went to. So, in hindsight, I should have bought $50.

To purchase a $50 or higher certificate: Click the "Give a Gift" tab and there will be a "Select an Option" drop down where you will be able to select a $50 or more certificate. Click "Buy Now". Enter the discount code and you'll see your 70%-90% discount applied. Then you will proceed to checkout.

You will then get an email and just follow the instructions there to redeem.

If you have any questions just leave a comment or email me.

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