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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round Trip Airfare for $74 on Southwest

Round Trip Airfare for $74 on Southwest
Really? A round-trip flight for only $74? It's true! Here's how:

1. Go to Southwest Airlines to enroll in their Rapid Rewards program. It's free to enroll and you will immediately receive 250 bonus points.

2. Once enrolled, click "How to Earn", then "Earn with our Partners", then "Credit Cards" or click here to go directly to where you need to be.

3. Choose a card that best suits your needs. The first is the "Plus" card. When you are approved for this card and make your first purchase you will receive 20,000 points in your Rapid Rewards account.  There is an annual fee on this card of $69.  If you apply for the  "Premier" card you will receive 30,000 for an annual fee of $99.

4. Once the points have been credited to your account you can start shopping for airfare here.  Click "Show fare in points".  Here you will find many round-trip flight options for under 20,250 points. So if you were to select airfare under 20,250 points the flight will cost you the $69 credit card fee plus a $2.50 fee each time the plane takes off (ex. nonstop round trip is $74, 1 stop round trip is $76.50).

Of course there are ways to earn additional points and points can be purchased if need be.  This works well if you don't need to book a flight for a few weeks since it will take some time to be approved, receive your card and be credited.

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