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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Earn $50 When You Open a ING Direct Checking Account

Open a free paperless checking account and make 3-signature based transactions with your free debit card within 45 days and receive $50 free on the 50th day. Click the image below.

Signature based transactions are when you use your card as a credit card and you have to sign for it as opposes to using it as a debit card with a pin. It still comes out of your checking account, it is just processed differently. I emailed sales to see if it counts at those stores that do not require a signature when your bill is below a certain amount and those transaction do count.

There are no fees except for overdraft or over-nighted check, that sort of thing. If you are not familiar with ING I have a couple of savings accounts and CDs with them for years and love it. Click here to read more posts about ING. They require no minimum balance and their interest rates are pretty decent.

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