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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Nail Polish Strips Deal

Nail polish strips deal is expired but you can still get the $10 credit for signing up then watch for the next deal.

Sign up with and receive a $10 credit that can be used toward the purchase of Nail Polish Strips for $6 (50%).  You will also receive free shipping.  If you want to use the entire $10 credit you can buy 2 sets for $2 and so on, up to 5 sets.

When you refer friends to you will receive a $10 bonus and so will your friends!


Lea @ Mother Baby Child said...

These nails are really cute. Thanks for the info :) See you over at BlogFrog, too.

Christina said...

Cute nails! If only I had time to do my nails. LOL.
Thanks for replying to my comment on BF!