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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wireless Phone Savings

2 phones
$90/Month, $1080/Year-Texting Extra
750 Minutes/Month-Average use 45 minutes/month

Activated minutes expire after 365 days. Unused days and minutes roll over. Phones work on all major national networks.

Phone "A" purchased for $100.69 mr. rebates $14.25 activated with a 30 day monthly plan unlimited $50 card included with purchase.  Also received a $20 gift card, choice of many stores, including Amazon.  Will switch to Pay as you go after 30 days.

Purchased phone "B" for $26.49 activated with the 60 days/300 minute card above. $3.75 mr rebate

Purchased Net 10 Phone "C" for $40 (prices includes tax, free shipping over $25) included 60 days/300 minutes plus another 60 days/300minute card. Purchased thru a link at Mr. Rebates which gives 15% cash back so final price is $34.

number tranfer, recycled number, phone selection, mr rebates., networks, pro because your not with verizon, att or tmo net 10 uses all networks to give you the best signal,  cons, customer service, phone sent back

Purchased minutes for Phone A.  90 days, 900 minutes, $60. $65.82 after tax $3.90, 911 charge $1.20, Fed. Universal Service charge $.90, regulatory cost recovery fee $.12. How do these charges work when buying a card in the store. Lost all my unlimited, had 3 days left.

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