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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Staples Deal on Toilet Paper & the Toilet Paper Stock Up Rule

If you need toilet paper this week, here is a deal from Staples.

1. Sign up with or into Topcashback for 3% cashback. (optional)

2. Enter Staples in the search box and click the orange "Cashback" buttons.

3. Add 4 Angel Soft Big Roll Bath Tissue, 2-ply, 24 roll/pack (item #445260) to your cart.

4. At checkout you will see instant savings of $3.28. Below the total, click the link to "add/edit coupons".  Enter coupon code 15782 for an additional 20% off.  The total will be $25.57 and shipping is free so no driving around town with a...load of TP. After cash back your total is $24.80

If you make this purchase you may be breaking the toilet paper rule for stocking up which is:

If the price per sq ft is less than $0.01 you should stock up. In order to determine the price per sq ft you need the sq ft on the pack of TP. In the Staples example above I was able to tell from the picture that each pack is 528 sq ft X 4 packs=2112 sq ft.

Take 2112 sq ft and always move your decimal point 2 spaces left = 21.12. If the cost of the pack is less than $21.12 you should stock up! 

Here's another example on a smaller scale.  You are in the store and see the same pack of TP with 528 sq ft.  If the price after sales and coupons are subtracted is more than $5.28 don't stock up.

I learned this rule a few years back so it may be harder to come by such a good deal. Paying $24.80 is still a great price especially if you are needing TP soon. Plus it's delivered right to your door free!

I probably won't be doing this deal this time around as I just got 4 packs of TP free with Topcashback!

Deal expires 7/26.

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