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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Power Air Fryer XL 5QT Deal $78

Here I'll show you how to get a Power Air Fryer XL for $78 from Kohl's.  It sells for $150 on Amazon and Kohl's but by using Kohl's coupons and receiving Kohl's Cash and rewards we can get it for half that.  I've been wanting to try this for a while now!

1. Sign up with or into Ebates for 6% cashback.  If you are new, the sign on bonus will make this item $65!

2. Search for Kohl's and click the orange Shop Now button.

3. Add the As Seen on TV Power Air Fryer XL 5 Qt to your cart for $149.99 and one $3 item such as The Big One Hand Towel for $2.99 (without it you will miss out on $10 Kohl's Cash).

4. At checkout enter the following coupon codes:
*HOME10 for $10/$50 Any purchase
*BBQ30 for an additional 30% off. You must use your Kohl's Charge.  If you don't have one, use code SAVEBIG15 for 15% off
*Shipping is free on orders over $75

5. If you have the Kohl's Charge and use the 30% off code your total will be $100.08 before your tax.

6. You will receive $20 in Kohl's Cash and 100 Yes2You reward points worth $5 bringing your final cost to $75!


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