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Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you aren't familiar with please consider joining then go here and learn how to make $12 immediately, quickly and easily. It is free to join and an easy way to save money for college. I have been a member since September of 2001 so I can safely say it is legit.

Here is how it works:

When you sign up and designate a beneficiary (child, grandchild etc.), you will register all those loyalty cards (CVS, Giant etc.), you will search using your zip code and a list of participating cards will be provided.

You can also register your credit/debit card. I have done this and not had any problems.

When you shop at those stores who's loyalty cards you have registered or pay with the credit card you have registered and you purchase participating brands, 1% to 5% of the sale will be deposited into an account for your beneficiary on things you are already saving money on or hopefully getting for free:-).

When you shop online, go to first, then shop through a retailers link there and earn up to 25%!

You can view the list of thousands of items and online retailer at Below is the list of my earning.

*Total Upromise Savings
AT&T $0.71
Bayer HealthCare LLC $0.29
Bed Bath & Beyond® $0.61
BIC Consumer Products, Inc. $0.18
Brachs $0.03
Clorox $0.14
Coca-Cola $3.17
Dannon $0.05
Del Monte Foods $0.25 $16.38
Domino / C&H $0.22 $2.95
Energizer $0.12
ExxonMobil $5.12
Filippo Berio $0.08
Fujifilm $0.54
Gorton's $0.29
JCPenney $23.56
Johnson & Johnson $0.14
Keebler $0.39
Kellogg's $0.67
Kellogg's Cereal $0.12
Kellogg's Eggo $0.02
Kelloggs Fruit Snacks $0.02
Kimberly-Clark $1.22
Knouse $0.17
Land O Lakes $0.05 $10.24
McNeil $0.27
Minute Maid $0.39
Nestle Confections $0.04
Newport News $2.16
OneStepAhead $4.35
Pinnacle Foods $0.19
Procter & Gamble $0.74
Reckitt Benckiser $0.21
Ross Products $0.02
Snyder's of Hanover $0.61
Ventura Foods $0.08 $13.37
Welch's $0.13
White Wave Foods $0.08


To some that might not be alot for 7 years but remember, I signed up and shopped as usual and got into the habit of going to first when shopping online so it was minimal effort. Not to mention, I am not a big consumer, we buy what we need and not much more.">

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