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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Deals I've Been Up To

I'm feeling bad about not posting lately and I hope to really get this blog moving in the near future. There are just so many things that need my attention right now. You all know how that can be! I have a few things I would like to share quickly, hope you find something useful.

You can score 15 free Promax Energy Bars, Complete Contact Lens Solution, Powerade, cheap Hershey's, free or cheap Rolaids and more. Check out my blogroll to find these deals. My favorite CVS list comes from Money Saving Mom.

Here are a few food deals not listed. I had over $50 in ECBs from all the deals on Thanksgiving so I was happy to see some food items I use and need on sale cheap. I would not have been able to recognize the good prices without my price list and my couponizer.

Planters Deluxe Nuts-I don't normally buy Deluxe Nuts/Whole Cashews/Healthy Mix etc. but this week at CVS they are the same price ($3) as the regular nut price at Walmart. But this deal is even better when you buy 5 cans and get back $5 ECB! It makes them $2 each! Yes I'm nuts for nuts. I love my nuts. Unfortunately, this deal is limit to 1. I may still buy more at $3 each and stock up. There is also a $2 off coupon in the Rite-Aid flyer. I don't know what the price is there, and it would only be for 1 can unless you get a bunch of flyers. Enough with the nuts now.

Helmann's Mayo. I can't believe how expensive this has gotten! CVS price this week is $3 (last I looked at Walmart is was $4.12 ouch) There are coupons from 11/16 RP $1/2.

Skippy Peanut Butter. The lowest price I have for this size is $1.85 at Giant but I don't know what it is as Walmart. $1/2 q in 11/16 RP.

Easy Mac. $2, no coupons but the regular price at Walmart is $2.72.

If you need tea, Lipton is on sale and you'll find coupons on the same page as the Mayo and Skippy.

English Muffin 12 pack on sale again for $1.99.

Giant has $1 doublers this week. I have to work on that list.

Tupperware has some great sales on popular product and children's items too. Order by the 12th to receive by Christmas. Don't mind the pumpkins, I can't seem to get them off the site, oops.

Below are super easy ways to make some money.

I made $10 for the 529 plan (college savings acct.) this morning thanks to Money Saving Methods and can do so again in six months. Click the link to found out how to save money for college with and make some money too!

Yesterday I received my Christmas coupon for $10 off a purchase of $10 from JCPenney. Find out how here.

ING-I have made $50 with ING for opening a paperless checking account. I first wrote about it here and it should still work for you if you haven't taken advantage.

I've received $50 and have another $50 on the way from Sharebuilder. Carrie has the scoop here.

Free Schick Razor here.

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