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Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's Stack Upromise ECoupons

There's an untapped resource of ecoupons that I think will result in additional freebies and I plan on including them in my coupon matchups. To take advantage of these extra savings you need to join Upromise by clicking the image below. Please read about Upromise here for details about the program.
These savings will go into an account for college but it is your money to invest so to me I will consider the list below as a way of getting more freebies. These can be stacked with sales, manufacture coupons, store coupons and rebates. This is the May coupon list. They reload each month. Stay tuned for matchups.

Beech Nut $1.00
BIC Soleil Bella $1.25
Charmin Flush Wipes $1.00
Chiquita Bites $1.00
Diamond Crystal $0.30
Diamond Crystal $0.30
Diamond Crystal $0.35
Diamond Crystal $0.50
Fisher Fusion Snack $0.55
Fisher Snack Nuts $0.55
Glass Plus $0.50
Gold Bond Anti-Itch $1.00
Gold Bond Anti-Itch $2.00
Gold Bond Baby Powd $1.00
Gold Bond Foot Care $1.00
Gold Bond Lotion $1.00
Gold Bond Med Powder 1.00
Gold Bond Pain Rel $2.00
Gold Bond Ult Powder $1.00
Gold Bond Ult Protec $2.00
Gold Bond Ult Sooth $2.00
Healthy Picks® $1.00
Huggies Diapers $1.50
Infant Formula$8.00
Johnsonville Sausage $0.75
Krazy Glue 0.50
Lime Away $0.50
Little Debbie $0.45
Little Debbie $0.75
Marzetti Dressings $1.00
Palmolive P&C Dish $0.40
Post Cereals $1.50
Post Selects Cereals $1.50
Snyder's of Hanover $0.50
Softsoap Ensembles $1.50
Spray'n Wash $0.50
Spray'n Wash B&W $1.50
Sun Belt $0.55
Totally Fruit® $1.00

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