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Monday, May 4, 2009

My Dog's 15 Year {Near} Family Reunion

Yesterday I took my old dog Fred to a Rabies Clinic in our town. A man with a 4 year old English Setter said Fred was the same color as his other English Setter at home. I told him Fred was 15 years old. He said his dog was 15 too. Then his daughter said the dog was born on April 1st. I said so was Fred! As it turns out he bought the 2nd to last dog in the litter and I bought the last. The lady showed me a pic of this dog whose name I can't remember. We talked a little about how great the dogs were, what type of hunters they were, how difficult it was to groom the dogs, and their current weight.

I was asked if we exchanged numbers or anything like that and the answer was no. I'm not sure what we would actually do. However, if they had been members of we could keep in touch, swap pics and stories.
At maybe your pet could be reunited with a "long lost sibling" too. is like Facebook for your pet and each week your pet will have the chance to win a $100 Petco gift card!

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