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Friday, May 6, 2011

My Big Fat Check From Ebates Is on It's Way

I got an email notification today that my Big Fat Check is on it's way.  How can you get a Big Fat Check from Ebates?

~When you join you will receive a $5 bonus
~Anytime you need to make an online purchase, first check Ebates.  If there is a rebate for your store be sure to shop thru the link you find on ebates.  
~Ebates says you can earn up to 25% at over 1200 stores but sometimes offer rebates of more than 50% back.
~Sign up for Daily Double notifications. 
~Refer your friends and earn even more!

Here is a list of some of my most recent rebates.

                               Purchase Price        Cash Back     % Back           $17.99                     $1.44            8%    $28.92                   $14.74          51% 

eBags                   $19.99                     $2.40          12% 

Staples                 $20.96                     $0.63           3% 

Staples                 $29.49                     $0.88           3% 

Old Navy               $55.97                   $11.19         20% 

JCPenney              $69.98                     $2.09          3% 

Walmart                $5.64                      $0.06           1% 

JCPenney              $2.00                      $0.08           4% 

Also check out Mr. Rebates, which basically works the same way.

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