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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Store Coupon Policies

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with your store's coupon policies.  This way there are fewer surprises at checkout.  I feel really dumb because for all the years I have shopped at Giant I didn't realize that they only double one like coupon.  So for instance,  if I had four $.50 coupons for the same product and I was planning on paying $2 total for those items, it was costing me $3.50.  It seems like a sneaky thing for Giant to do, in my opinion.

Below I have provide link to several store coupon policies.  Not only should you know the policy, but it also helps to take a copy with you to the store in case you run into a cashier or manager who isn't familiar with it.

.  If a store is not listed just google the store name followed by "coupon policy".  If they have it posted on the site it will come up, if not you can contact the store for their policy.  Let me know if there is another store you would like to see listed here.

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