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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mail In Rebate Tips

I've heard many times that people send for rebates but never receive them.  Follow these tips and you will get your money 99.999% of the time! 

1. Be sure to purchase the correct product.  

  • Take the rebate form with you to the store. 
  • Compare the item description on the form to the item on the shelf.
  • Compare the product to the picture on the form if available.  
  • Compare the UPC number if available.

2. There are usually 3 items you are required to send to receive your rebate. 
  • The original cash register receipt showing the purchase of the product.  Sometimes a copy is accepted but only if the form says so. You will usually be asked to circle the item, purchase price and date. 
  • The original UPC cut from the packaging.  Some UPCs can't be cut from the packaging.  In this case the form may ask you to write in the UPC number.  
  • The completed rebate form. 

3. Mail the items by the deadline.
  • Make copies of the form, the receipt and the UPC.  Write the date mailed on the copy to know when to expect the rebate to be returned to you.
  • The deadline is usually the last day to purchase but sometimes you have a few extra days to have it postmarked.  Check the form for the postmark date so you don't accidently give up on the rebate if the purchase date has passed.  But to avoid missing the deadline, losing a receipt or forgetting, send the rebate ASAP after purchase.

The most important thing to ensure you receive a rebate is to follow the directions and do exactly as the form says.  Now go get some free stuff!

1 comment:

Lisa Brown said...

many don't take advantage of these rebates because of past struggles trying to get them. they are worth it if you keep track of them.