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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where To Get Great Coupons

All You (1-year) magazine is a great resources for lots of coupons.

Sign up with Pampers Village. The last two mailers sent had a coupon for $1 off 1 roll or more Bounty paper towels. Wait until the single rolls go on sale BOGO and get two for cheap or free.

When you sign up with Vocalpoint you will receive samples and lots of coupons that sometimes results in free items.

From Proctor & Gamble the Home Made Simple mailer has lots of coupons for cleaning products (that's where I saw the Dawn Q, Jen) There is always a coupon for a free item too.

Warm Delights
So now that you are saving your coupons from the paper, buying extra papers, collecting extra coupons from friends, pulling blinkies and tear pads and getting all those other great coupons mailed to you-you are going to need a coupon organizer or you'll lose you're mind!


jen3329 said...

OHH the dawn Q!! See your not going crazzzy!!

How about I remember what I was going to say before, While shopping at Giant tonight, I needed Aluminum foil. For 200 feet of giant brand it was over $7.00 and Reynolds was over $ 8.00. What's up with that? I put it back..and decided to buy TUPPERWARE!!

Steph said...

Reynolds Aluminum foil is an item you can often get for free, if not very cheap. Tupperware is a good choice though as the production of foil as well as the waste of it is not good for the environment.

Heidi @ Frugal Girls! said...

Great post ~ thanks for the coupon links! I'm headed to go sign up for Pampers now, to score those paper towel coupons!! :)