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Monday, February 23, 2009

Kmart Doubles & Triples Coupons 2/22-2/28

Updated list with 6 more free items and other deals.

Hit the Kmart Double and Triple coupon event today and we made out like bandits, but the legal way. Here is a list of deals to look for with the coupon match up. FYI-ss=Smart Source rp=RedPlum pg=Proctor Gamble q=coupon MIR=mail in rebate.

See how I prepared here.

Thank you Jen and I'm sorry for being a "coupon witch" but I was in the "coupon zone" ya' know?

These items were free after double coupons.

Soft Soap Hand $1.99-
$1 from 2/1ss and 2/20 All You Mag

Rimmel Nail Polish $1.97
$1 from 2/22rp

ACT Mouthwash $3.99-$2 1/4ss

Ziploc Steam Bags $1.49-$1 1/11ss?

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa $1-$.50 don't know where it came from, sorry

Revlon Nail Clippers $1.25-
$1 from 2/8ss

Revlon Tweezers $1.99-

$1 from 2/8ss

Rimmel Mascara $1.97-

$1 from 2/22rp

Ban Solid $2-

$.75 from 2/22ss-tripled

Crest Toothpaste $3-

$1.50 from 1/18pg

Bic Twin Select 10 pack $3.29-

$2 from 1/18ss

Bayer Children's Aspirin 36ct or 72ct $1.99-

$1 from 2/1rp

Goodlife Cat Treats $2-

$1 from 12/14 and 1/4rp The dog treat q's worked on the cat treats.

Huggies 32 ct wipes $2-

$1 from 1/11ss

Glade Carpet and Room Deoderizer $1.50-

$1 from 2/22ss

Endust $3.29-

$2 from 1/11rp

Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning $1.50-

$1 from Weight Watchers Mag

Bic Comfort Razor $4-

$2 from 1/18ss

Oral B Indicator Twin Toothbrushes $3.69-

$2 from 2/8pg

Reach Toothbrushes $2-

$1 from 2/8rp

Flex Gel Toothbrush $3.79-

$1 from 1/4ss Special display with free after MIR tear pad=$2 profit

Other deals:

Quaker Granola Bars $2.50-$1 from free sample.=$.50

Max Factor Mascara $2.10-$1 from Kmart monthly flyer =$.10

Wet Ones 40ct $2.29-$.75 2/08ss tripled=$.09

Ocean Spray Juice $2.50-$1 1/11rp=$1.50

Act Mouthwash $4.49-$2 1/4ss=$.49

Nivea Shave Gel $2.19-
$1 from 2/8rp=$.19

Snyders Pretzel Pieces $2.33-

$1 from 2/22ss=$.33

Johnson's Body Wash $2.49-

$1 from 2/22rp =$.49

Rimmel Nail Polish $2.03-

$1 from 2/22rp =$.03

Secret Deoderant $4.29-

$2 from 2/22rp =$.29

Gillette Conditioner $4.50-

$2 from 1/18pg= $.50

Satin Care Shave Gel $2.69-

$1 from 2/8pg= $.69

You can check out other Kmart deal lists at MNTK, Nicole's Nickels , It's Hip to Save , Money Saving Madness and Bargain Briana. I'm doing my best to make the list easy to read but blogger doesn't always do what you tell it.


Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels said...

Great list! Thanks for the linky love. I added some more things today after doing more research and am trying to go before work tomorrow. I'll post how I do tomorrow evening!

Clenece said...

Great list. I wish my Kmart was doubling this week!! =(

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