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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge

The All You Grocery Challenge began yesterday. I thought it would be fun to participate because the challenge is to spend no more than $25 per family member per week. Since our stockpile and garden food doesn't cost us anything I should be at an advantage! I'm going to post what we eat and buy here to keep track and eventually I will get a meal plan together too.

So yesterday for the first day of the challenge we had bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. While I bought the Lender's bagels last week I thought I'd mention that they were on sale at Walmart for $1. This is about $.67 less than usual.

For lunch we had left over meatballs made with ground beef and pork purchased from local farmers on spaghetti squash, grown in our garden and Ragu sauce I got cheap at CVS. I would have prefer fresh tomatoes but we're still waiting.

My only purchase for the day was to treat the kids to baby bottle pops, nachos and potato cakes at $4.30.

For dinner we grilled a steak, had Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese and brocolli.


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jennymae said...

Oh yeh, thanks for that and sorry I didnt have any money...