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Saturday, July 4, 2009

This Weeks Purchases and Savings.

The deals weren't so great a CVS this week but I had a $10 expired ECB to spend so I purchased 2 Easy Macs at $3 each (a must in my house) and Debrox at $7.99(the doc told me to get it...). I had a store coupon for $4 off the Debrox, the cashier had to adjust it down one cent and I paid no OOP.

$13.99-$10 ECB-$4 coupon=$.01 over

Weis 59% Savings
Chicken Drumsticks
Loin Chops
2 Oscar Meyer Weiners BOGO
2 Eggland Best Eggs
3 Edy's Dibs
Eskimo Pie Crunch Bars
2 Utz's chips
4 Wacky Mac
Purina Cat Food
4 boxes of General Mills
1 Kelloggs
Total $50.95 before coupons.
Total $29.81 after coupons

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