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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Gift Certificates Save More with Mr. Rebates or Ebates

Here is a step by step to maximize your savings or profit using 70% savings ($3/$25) and 30% rebate (on purchase of $3) example.

1. Join Mr. Rebates or Ebates (use whoever is giving a larger discount). You'll get a $5 rebate for joining, giving you a $2.60 profit on a $25 certificate. Everyone gets 30% back on their order. So a $25 gift certificate will be $2.40, $50 will be $4.80 and so on.

2. On the rebate site find in the drop down menu under "Shop by Store". Click on one of the links shown to go to the site. From here you can buy a $25 certificate-read step 3 but skip to step 4 unless you want to buy a $50 certificate or higher.

3. A word of advice is that if the restuarant you want to go to is a more expensive one then get a $50 or $75 certificate. I considered this but bought only one since it was my first time and I was skeptical. There was no way we could have kept our bill below $50 at the closest restuarant to us. So, in hindsight, I should have bought $50 for $6 to maximize my savings.

Click the "Give a Gift" tab and there will be a "Select an Option" drop down where you will be able to select a $50 or more certificate. Click "Buy Now".

4. Enter the discount code and you'll see your discount applied. Then you will proceed to checkout.

You can request a check from the rebate site when your account reaches $5.01 or $10 so I'll keep you posted for more deals!

If you have any questions just leave a comment or email me.

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