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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free Ebay E-book

Ebay Selling Coach is offering everybody her Stay-At-Home Mom's Guide to Successful Ebay Selling. It's a free to download e-book.

While I've been selling on ebay and (an ebay company) for a long time, I could always learn more. What I am really anxious to check out are her posts on "Where to Get Items to Sell". I have always had good luck selling stuff at a profit that I purchased cheap .

Sometimes I wonder why the heck would someone pay me more money plus shipping for something I bought so cheap! I mean, they are obviously looking for a deal because they are shopping at ebay. Well I suppose they may live in an area where there just are no cheap places to shop, or a very limited selection of products. Lucky for them they have the internet, lucky for me too!

So if selling on ebay was something you've always wanted to try or you have been selling on ebay and want to learn more to improve your sales, check it out, it's free after all!

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Suzanne Wells - The eBay Coach said...

Hi, thanks for posting my giveaway. To answer your question, "Why would someone pay me for something that I got so cheap?"

1) They don't know what you paid for it. And you don't have to tell them.

2) Not everyone has access to the same things. I can drive a mile to Walmart and get things that people in Wyoming have to drive 3 hours to get. So, they pay me to find it and ship it.

3) Time. Finding bargains, clipping coupons, and figuring out a practically free deal takes time. Not everyone has the time or desire to do it. So, they pay me and other eBay sellers for that service.

Thanks again for the post!