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Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick Money With Easy Temp Jobs

I'm not big on "jobs". I don't want to be tied down to a desk or machine everyday with someone else telling me what to do and benefiting from my efforts. The other thing that bothers me is that with most jobs there is no end in sight and that drives me crazy!

Every now and then a temporary job comes along and not only do they usually have an end date but I have found that these opportunities actually pay better than most regular jobs.

For instance, back in 2001 I took a temporary job traveling to a different gas/grocery/convenience store each week handing out coupons for a free product. I can't remember the exact pay but it was decent plus I was reimbursed for my mileage, I got some shopping done, learned about and mystery shopping, and it is generally just a good memory for me.

In 2000-01 I was a tax preparer which of course lasts no more than 3 months. Again the pay was better than average and by summertime I received a couple thousand dollar bonus. If you are interested in something like that some tax offices offer classes to teach you how to prepare taxes in the fall and offer jobs for the tax season.

The last part-time temporary job I took started in 2003. It lasted 5 years! The length of the position didn't bother me that much as I wasn't necessarily looking for a temporary position, just one that had a flexible schedule. It was the best job I ever had and eventually turned into a permanent position but there were changes to the conditions of the job that made it unsuitable. Since I worked there so long, when a short term project needs to be done they call me which works out well for myself and the company.

I haven't done this but if there is a race track near you, you can get a job directing traffic, working concessions or security for the weekend and you may even get to see some or all of the race!

We also have ski resorts nearby which hire temporary employees to work for a weekend for music or wine festivals, again, usually as concessions or security workers.

Here is one that I completely forgot about but luckily received an email from a relative. Can't imagine how I could forget that 9 years ago I said "hey, I would have done that job" if only I knew to apply a year before the event actually took place! Yes, it's that time of the decade again, the 2010 Census. A temporary position with a competitive wage. Check it out here.

Most of these jobs had paid me more than twice as much as minimum wage at the time.

So how can you find cool temp jobs like this? First, I would not have gotten any of these jobs if I didn't have a good relationship with each employer. I was referred and recommended for most of these jobs by past employers as well as friends. So despite how hard it can be sometimes :-) don't burn bridges!

Second, keep an eye on the classifieds but also register with your unemployment or career center (employers can advertise for free here). Register with some temporary agencies, preferably ones with a reputation for holding good accounts and treating employees well.

Third, watch for opportunities. Have you ever gone to an event and thought "how do I get a job like that"? Ask! Then set yourself a reminder to check into it a few months before the event comes around again.

What types of temporary jobs have you worked? Let's start a list and maybe we can make some quick money with opportunities we haven't heard of before.

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