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Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Week...Blah...

Pictured left are the deals I got this week. Not a great week but deals none-the-less.

From CVS

Free Slimquick, Vitamin D and what was left of the Carnation. I used a $1 off Carnation I got from a blinkie. $1 profit. I am starting to realize the benefits of grabbing the blinkies.

From Giant

Dole Fruit on sale $2 used a Catalina for $1 off=$1
3 cans of Purina One dog food from free q in 2/8rp if you get the same coupons I get.

The Goodlife Recipe catfood-I always thought I could trust the fact that, when in doubt, Walmart is always cheaper. No more. I went to Walmart for cat food and the 3# bags combined with the $3 off coupon from 1/4rp came to $1.77, cheaper than the cheapest cat food per ounce. Out of curiousity I checked Giant the next day and while it was on sale for a whopping $.08 off I did notice that the regular price was $4.47 which makes it $1.39. Just one more way the grocery stores make a sucker out of you. Now that Walmart has everyone believing they are the cheapest, they are going to raise thier prices.

From the mail

Dove body spray sample-I sent for this a long time ago. It was the offer that was all in Spanish. The box had Spanish all over it. Wonder what the mailman thinks?

The Fisherman and Gardening mags from MNTK. Two packs of flower seeds from Gardening Mag. I got fishhooks from the Fisherman mag and deer seasoning for the Hunter mag last week.

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