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Friday, March 20, 2009

Kmart Doubles March 22!

I have to thank Sisterly Savings for the early tip off on this, again.

This is so exciting, but that's an under-statement! Why is that an under-statement? Well don't forget:

1) Glamour is giving $25 gift cards for each $50 in Kmart purchases. Sorry that deal is dead.
2) There is a long list of coupons valued up to $2 that double and result in free or cheap items. I will try to update the list when I can.

Make sure to check if your location is participating here and then check out the specifics below.

-Coupons valued at upto $2 will double up to the price of the item. No overage.
-They do not take internet printed coupons.
-They may not double coupons for $$ off more than one item. Ex. $1/1 will work, $1/2 won't work. I know, that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard but that is how they do it at my store.
-Coupons of a value over $2 will not double. I know that is obvious but it's worth mentioning when you are in the mindset of doubling everything. Then when you go to Walmart you'll have a hard time not doubling the value of your coupons :-)
-BOGO and free items coupons don't double.
-Cannot use more of 4 of the same coupon.
-Limit of 25 coupons per customer.

Of course, I have been saving my coupon flyers each week and if I see a coupon that usually results in a free or cheap item, whether it be at a drugstore, grocery store or Kmart. I clip it and put it in my Couponizer. The more you shop for these deals the better you are at spotting these coupons.

I'll go thru each pocket of the couponizer and start pulling the high value coupons for items I need or will likely result in a freebie. (double check that they aren't expired...)

I'll put these in the front of the appropriate pockets and when I get to the store I go thru each pocket as I go thru each aisle searching for my deals.

You can go here and here to see lists of items that were great deals during previous Kmart double events. I've noticed I will get a lot of the same items each time so those coupons are easy to spot.

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