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Saturday, July 19, 2008

How I Screwed Up at CVS

This week I got the 3 free photo books at CVS, 2 100 ct Excedrin for $1.99 each after CVS, manufacture and EBC coupons, 24 ct Excedrin FAR, Physician Formula foundation and Brow-Tweez 3-in-1 FAR. I also had a CVS coupon for $10 off $50. Because of that I bought a Neutragena Eye Concealer that I have wanted ever since I received a sample I liked. It was $10.

I had all intentions of purchasing the photo books in a separate transaction so I could pay for one transaction with the ECBs from the other. The cashier automatically rang everything together and I didn't realize it until well into the transaction. This meant that I went in with $9.97 in ECBs and left with $29.97 in ECB. Not what I wanted to do.

I then got home and realized I had put 3 items, which needed original reciepts for a mail in rebate, on one transaction. So I ended up back at the store to get separate receipts for the 2 Physician Formula products. While I was at it I had the cashier refund cash for these items and then used some of those ECBs. So that helped.

Also, although I knew I wanted to buy the Neutragena Eye Concealer and used that $10 off $50 as an excuse to get it, I should have been more prepared because I found a coupon for $1 off afterwards. I should also have waited for a sale.

I hope this helps people by showing them what not to do! Good luck and don't beat yourself up to much if you mess up a deal. Just think of all that other stuff you got for free!

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