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Monday, July 21, 2008

My Shopping Last Three Weeks

I did not post about my shopping 3 weeks ago because frankly I was overwhelmed by all the free items I had gotten and had to start putting them away before I took a pic. I did manage to make a list of most of the items I got and calculated an approximate total of freebies at $75-$80!

-3 bags of Purina Cat Food came to $.056/oz after a coupon for $1 off, one free bag and one free bag with the purchase of two. I don't recall what Special Kitty costs, which is what I would have bought, but the Purina was definately cheaper.
-Blueberry Muffin Cereal FAR
-Gillette Body Wash Trial with a $.21 overage
-Noxema Razors FAR

-4 Purell for 4 cents
-4 Twelve packs of pencils for 4 cents
-20 folders for 20 cents

-2 packs of pantiliners
-2 cans of Pringles for $1

-candy bar

-Vitamins with $1 overage
-Breath Rx Kit

-2 Herbal Essences shampoo/conditioner
-1 Infusiom shampoo
-1 Crest $.25 overage

I figured I spent about $3.82 out of pocket for the above.

Last week wasn't as good but I still got some really useful items. I just can't remember what they were!

Walmart-2 Suave hairspray for $.97, 3 more Johnson's Buddies soaps, 2 trial size Head and Shoulders and assorted other samples from the mail.

Rite Aid-Electasol $.99, 2 Coppertone Sunscreen $.75, crest toothpaste free and 2 Revlon Tweezers free after coupons and rebates.

Staples this week netted 4 plastic binders for $1, 2 packs of pencil erasers for $.10 and a pack of mechanical pencils FAR.

This week I got the 3 free photo books at CVS, 2 100 ct Excedrin for $1.99 each, 24 ct Excedrin FAR, Physician Formula foundation and Brow-Tweez 3-in-1 FAR. I also had a CVS coupon for $10 off $50. Because of that I bought a Neutragena Eye Concealer that I have wanted ever since I recieved a sample I liked. It was $10.

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