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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Murphy’s Law

I really dislike checks. Not the money that comes with it, just that inconvenient piece of paper that I have to baby-sit until I get to the bank.

I went to work for a bank soon after college so direct deposit was required. From then on all my paychecks were direct deposit. Life was easy, except the working part, of course.
Then I became self-employed, yeah! But now most if not all my income comes in the form of a check.

Sometimes I will hold on to one, two, three or more of these little things until I can get to the bank. Sometimes I hold off going to the bank because I know I have a check on the way. Sometimes I bite the bullet and hit the bank before I lose the checks or my mind. And it’s those days I come home from the bank to find a check in my mailbox!

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