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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Heart My Empty Fridge

My fridge has looked like this for a few months now. During the summer, things got pared down every few weeks as we were able to get away on 4 different occasions. Also contributing to the emptiness is the fact that I have been studying how to save money on groceries by stocking up when prices are low and using coupons. However, I just haven't seemed to get the right sales and the right coupons yet and not only do I not have a stockpile but I hardly have anything because I know I can get more for less, I'm not sure of the rock bottom prices and I'm afraid to buy something only to find it cheaper later on.

The good news is, this empty fridge deal is actually working out nicely. First, it's a lot easier to keep clean. Next, I know exactly what is in there and it is so much easier to utilize the left overs and incorporate the other items into a new dish. We've always had pickles but I never offered them to my DD as a snack because I just didn't think of it. My mind is so clear now, it's amazing.

What's even more amazing is that my DH hasn't complained about there being nothing to eat like he had when the thing was packed. This is mostly due to knowing that there is enough leftovers for his lunch and having snacks of nuts and chips (and elusive pickles) available.

I've even been able to take a night or two a week off from cooking, which frees up so much time for me to actually accomplish something in a day. When there are two or three days of leftovers piling up, I can see them and use them. If I could have done that when I was working, working might not have been that bad. Yeah, right.

Another benefit to the lack of food, not only in the fridge but the freezer and cabinets is that when I finally get around to creating an inventory it won't be such a project. Denise at the "Cents"ible Sawyer has been putting together some great videos for you to check out, the latest being about meal planning, including organizing the freezers and taking inventory.

So eventually I will know my rock bottom prices, find my deals and fill up the freezers and cabinets but I hope I can keep my fridge looking a lot like this because it has made my life so much easier and less wasteful.

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