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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mileage and Introducing My Mileage Calculator

My mileage went down and I'm not quite sure why. While I had a few appointments to get to that prevented me from "Driving Without Brakes", it didn't seem to be anymore than usual, I could be wrong.

Could Sheetz gas actually be better than Sunoco? I doubt it. Check out the Mileage Calculator I made to track my mileage, my cost per mile and possible reasons for my ups and downs. If you would like to use it to track your mileage, feel free. I am no expert on Excel nor am I a mathmagician so if you see any flaws in my formulas or theory, please let me know.

Not many people like the Giant gas points program. You have to have $100 in purchases to earn $.10 per gallon. Other ways to earn is to buy a lot of particular brands to get a discount. While I would like to have a stockpile of peanut butter, spagetti sauce and cleaners, I don't want to pay almost full price for them. Then the points expire fast and I have to make sure I get there to fill up before I run out. I had somehow earned $.10 off per gallon bringing it to $3.24/gallon. Wow, that's cheap. (note sarcasm) I was able to time my empty tank and my trip to Giant to coincide and I saved a whopping $1.34 on a little over 13 gallons.

Oh, and then, when I limbed it to save $1.34 on cheap Giant gas, the tanker was there! Just my luck. I have been passing up gas stations who are getting a delivery and stirring up all the gunk in the tanks so I don't put that gunk in my car. But since I was on E and my points would have expired I fill up anyway. Everyone else was so I didn't feel too stupid plus I change my fuel filter regularly.

Here is a tip on conserving gas. When parking in a lot, drive thru so that you can just pull right out. Then you won't waste gas backing out. This doesn't work well if you have to get groceries into your trunk but if your trunk hasn't opened in 6 months because it's broke like mine then your in luck! Hey, I always try to look on the bright side.

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