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Friday, October 24, 2008

Purchased for Free

I am a little behind on posting my weekly deals.

These are the items that I bought at Rite Aid last week. All free after Single Check Rebate.

Fortunately we don't get sick a lot in this house, so when we do, we usually don't have anything in the house to make us feel better. Now I have a whole arsenal of drugs to try before I have to go buy Aleve-D which seems to work very well for me.

My Rite Aid did not have the Chapstick in stock so I couldn't double dip with the mail in rebate. The Sucrets had a $1.50 rebate sticker attached but I found a $2 rebate form here so this is a money maker.

Here are this weeks CVS freebies. I got one L'Oreal Revitalift with a raincheck sent from the company. I wasn't sure exactly which one it was for but this week when you buy a certain Revitalift you get a certain one free (that's the other shown) The 1st one was $16.99 and the rain check was "Free ($11.99-$11.99ECB)". She didn't give it to me free but took off $11.99. I didn't bring it up because I figured I was pushing it anyway, plus I was paying for the difference with a $25 gift card I got free when I transfered a Rx.

Just For Men is free after ECB and double dip with a Mail in Rebate for $8. The Arm & Hammer Essentials was not free at CVS but there is a Free After Rebate form. I got another one of these free at Walmart the other week, they had a display and the lady was just giving them out free! It pays to hit Walmart on Saturdays.

In this photo are the free samples I recieved in the mail this week (Tide, John Freida, Always Infinity). I paid $2.43-$1 MQ-$3 ECB for 2 bottles of Welch's Light=For a $1.57 profit. Thanks Frugalsuz.

Here are my freebies and deals from 2 weeks ago but you can still take advantage of them all.

That A&H Cleaner free at Walmart.

Pack of mints from

Free bounce sample.

Free Greenies Dog Treat.

Kotex-There were a lot of $1 coupons floating around to make these free at Walmart and I got coupons for $1.50 with free samples. Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes $.26, Easy Mac $.25 each and Ronzoni 12 oz pasta $.50 after coupons found here ($1 Kotex and A&H coupons too).

Wow. It has been awhile! These were CVS Freebies from 3 weeks ago. You can still get the following free after ECB in October:

CVS Vitamin D-400 IU 100 Tablets
Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste-You need a coupon from 9/28ss or CVS coupon flier. You may be able to find coupons elsewhere too, they are abundent.
WellPatch Arthritits Relief Free plus $1 with 7/13ss.
CVS Bar Soap free after $1 ECB

Check with Frugalsuz for current and upcoming weekly CVS deals

More free Kotex and free samples.
A free Quaker Granola Bar.

Free bag of coffee from Weis, there was coupon for this in an insert, now expired. I need to pay more attention to those inserts, I almost missed this one and I just saw a free roll of paper towels coupon I missed and expired! Ouch.

Free Greenies Cat Treats and Dog Treat (shown above)

A cool free razor, no longer available, sorry.

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