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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Resources

I just read an article at and learned of new resources and useful tips.

First I found the which I will take some time to learn how to use. It seems promising. I will report back.

I picked up this great tip from which is to save the Sunday coupons and in about four week, cut out the coupons you are interested in and go to the store. At this point a lot of these items are going to be on sale.

Since I have already been saving my coupons per, each week, while preparing for my shopping trips I will go back four weeks or so and try this strategy. I am very excited to have yet another possibility of saving money.

As far as the tips at the end of the article, the one that really hit home was "Don't Waste". Last night I threw $10 of fish that I forgot about then had to get in my car, and spend more money on prepared food. OUCH X3! That hurt.

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