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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shopping Excursions of the Week

Free unless noted
10 folders
3-12 pack cap erasers
2-slider pencil cases $.10
3-pencil sharpener


2 Rimmel Eye Shadow-$.34 (tax on one)
Rimmel Cosmetics BOGO
Used the BOGO Eye Shadow Q from 8/24RP
I forgot to try the $1 on any from the same insert.
This did not work for me in a similar situation at Walgreen's but the blogs I read suggest it all the time. I would be interested to here what others experiences have been with these scenarios.

Pony 2GB Mini Drive $9.99 on sale
Sunsilk Trial Size Conditioner $.99
2 Pocket Tees $4
Used $1.50 off any Sunsilk 8/17RP
Used $1 off 2 Fruit of Loom product (sorry can't remember where this is from arrgh!)
I really needed that drive and this is the cheapest I could find it, needed the tees and there was a $.50 "overage" from the sunsilk which is for curly frizzy hair so I'm excited to try it while camping. I'm pretty happy with K-Mart for once.

4-12 packs of Pepsi $12
1-2 liter Sierra Mist $1
1 Sobe Life Water $1
Use this coupon for the free Sobe w/ purchase of one pepsi 12 pack

Use this coupon for the free Sierra Mist 2 liter w/purchast of 3 pepsi 12 packs

The above came to $12, used $10 in ECB, recieved $3 in ECB

I haven't gotten to Giant yet but this is my plan for the $1 doublers:

-2 packs of Dixie Napkins on sale for $2 each

I'll use the $1/2 from 8/17 RP to make them $1 each after the doubling. This works out to be slightly cheaper then the cheapies at Walmart.

-One Arm & Hammer Essential Cleaners Starter Kit

I'll use the printable $1 coupon which will be doubled and send for the rebate. Free plus some!

-2 Heluva Good Dips on sale 2/$3 and use the $1 coupon to make these $.50 each. The coupon is good for cheese, horseradish or cocktail sauce too so I am going to look out for an unadvertised sale on one of those.

-Snuggle Fabric Softener $2.99 each, buy two, use $1/2 from 07/13RP and doubler for $2 each

I will have a few other $1 coupons to keep my options open if I can't find the above deals.

I visited Rite-Aid 2x this week and left empty handed! I don't know what to say about that. No free pledge, tape or Pert with overage. Uggh!
Of all the samples I have sign up for and gotten, I was suprised at how few coupons came with the sample. Today though, there was a coupon for a free cup of Wholesome Goodness cat food with my sample of dry cat food. It pays to visit for free samples. I also received seeds this week. The Hannah Montanta shirt was free at JCP last week (how?).

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justusseven said...

I love seeing how other people get freebies. I posted a pic of my haul from Walgreens at momsbyheart(dot)blogspot(dot)com if you wanna check mine out too. With 5 kids at home, FREEBIES are most welcome! I ended up with over $60 IN FREE STUFF plus $15 in overages!!! WOO-HOO! That's what I call a deal!