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Friday, August 15, 2008

Store Card Tip

Just a quick tip about those store bonus, gold, vip card or whatever it maybe called where you are-if you find yourself without one, wether you left it at home or are on vacation and have to do some shopping, don't miss out and pay full price.

You may think that because you don't have a card you can't get those deals, especially if you're on vacation and happen to need a few things. Just ask the cashier if she can scan a card for you. Most have a card with them or may have to call a CSR. If they won't scan a card and the savings are worth 5 minutes of your time then apply for one. You can use it immediately.

We went camping this week and while I bought and packed enough food for our trip 1) to save money and 2) I really dislike spending time in grocery stores, especially on vacation-we did have to stop. We bought nearly $5 of organic vidalia onions because my husband wanted the bag for clamming. Very practical, wouldn't you say? Italian dressing for cucumber and tomatoe salad, since I failed plan for vegatables. I assumed my husband would bring lots of veggies from our garden but for some reason didn't. I never thought to get s'more ingredients because I don't eat that stuff but what else would the kids do without tv and computer? And, again my hubby needed a brush for scrubbing mussels. I don't even know how much that costs. I suggested he use the scouring pad on the sponge but he had none of that!

The bill came to $25. We saved $5 by asking the cashier to scan a card for us. That amount to a 20% savings on the bill which I didn't think was too bad considering I didn't think we needed any of those things to begin with.

If you found this post helpful, let me know, I'd love to get your feedback.

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