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Sunday, September 14, 2008


While I'm happy gas has come down a bit, I didn't do so hot in the mileage and price paid dept. this week and I'm not happy about that.

First of all, I went out Friday for some groceries and gas. On the way to the store I noticed gas at Sunoco and Turkey Hill, across the street was $3.49/gal. I didn't feel like stopping until after the store. At some point I heard a report on the radio that because of Ike prices were bound to go up. I sighed and switched stations.

When I returned to Sunoco I started pumping only to realize that the price went up 10cents in less than 1 hour! I looked across the street to see a packed Turkey Hill and $3.49 gas. What the...? Not only did I spend more money but I also felt like an idiot all by myself at Sunoco.

So this morning I figured out my mileage and got 26.09MPG down from 27.66 MPG. Why the difference? Well, I had to go to work a few days and while I didn't have a particular time to be there, I was running fairly late as usual. Not to mention I have to be back for the bus at a certain time too. So I didn't take it as easy as I would have liked. I'm not talking about speeding. I just like to, when possible, coast to stop signs or turns and down mountains. This saves gas and brakes. I know I need to prepare for my days and allow myself a few extra minutes. Just one of the habits I need to work on.

One other reason for the lower mileage could very possibly be the Sheetz gas I put in last time. I generally try to buy Sunoco gas, but if Giant or Sheetz is cheaper or I'm in a certain part of town, I fill up when and where I can.

I will figure out the price per mile as well to see if using cheaper gas is actually cheaper and post a summary of my MPG and fuel cost per mile. I've called it fuel cost per mile because it will not include all the other costs of operating a vehicle such as wear and tear and insurance. I had read a few years back that the average cost per mile was $.50. Ouch! That was an eye opener then, and I don't even want to know want it is today.

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