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Monday, September 29, 2008

Chinese Recalls

I am passionate about avoiding products made in China. Not just for the fact that American jobs are lost when companies move over seas but also because of the extensive and ever growing list of recalls of products made in China. It's down right scary knowing that these are everyday products that millions of Americans use. Even scarier? There are products for which it is very difficult to tell where the materials or ingredients listed originated, even if the final product was produced or distributed from a location within the states.

Here is a list of items recalled with links to more info. This list is not all inclusive as I am no expert but will serve as my way to warn reader of the dangers of these products. I will update it as I hear of new recalls, unfortunately that will be quite often.

Click here for an extensive list of recalls in 2007.

Latest Chinese Recalls
09/29/08 Cadbury Chocolates-One of the manufacturing plants used to be located just 15 minutes from me. The recall is in Hong Kong, Tawian and Australia as of now. It's nice to know that the company is getting what they deserve in lost sales and trust, regardless of where it is recalled. This just came out today. I wouldn't be suprised if the recall reaches us.

Baby Formula-I have not heard of the melamine tainted baby formula reaching the US but Coffee and Tea Products have.

The tainted milk has even harmed zoo animals.

The milk in the above products has been tainted with Melamine. What the heck is that? Umm...plastic produced by mixing urea with formaldehyde. It is used to make floor tiles, Formica, microwavable dishes, flame retardent fabric, Magic Erasers, oh, and don't forget pet food (tainted wheat) and now baby formula. So why is this plastic in our food? It's an inexpensive means of raising the protein levels of food products so they can pass inspection. Oh, ok then.

That is all I can stomach to write about today. Here's a tip to save money when you can't avoid taking your children shopping with you. Teach them about the poisons and dangers in products made in China and that you prohibit the purchase of it. Since just about everything is Made In China these days, well they are going to be hard pressed to find anything to spend your hard earned money.

As the first post on the topic, the list is very, very short. If you know of a recall I've missed please leave a comment. Thanks.

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