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Friday, September 19, 2008

Me On Nuts, Rite-Aid is Nuts, Walgreens Even Nuttier and Pepsi Pricing

I love nuts so I buy them a lot. Before I started all this frugality, I just bought nuts regardless of the price because I figured I'm going to buy them anyway so why pay attention to the price. I used to have this attitude toward gas too (yes, I'm a little ashamed of myself).

Last week Planters Nuts went on roll-back at Walmart for $3 (smaller cans, which make them cheaper per oz then the larger size) making them .32/oz for Cashews and .26/oz for mixed nuts. I thought that was pretty cheap and bought four cans. I would eventually like to stock up because we do eat at least 2 cans a weeks. So four cans was not a lot but I was afraid that there would be a cheaper sale elsewhere.

Well they did go on sale at Rite-Aid for $3.88 for the larger size, bringing the price to .22/oz for Cashew halves and mixed nuts (about .39/oz on whole cashews and deluxe mixed nuts). The problem is they, of course were sold out (or did they ever stock the shelves to begin with, sometimes I wonder).

The nutty part of Rite-Aid's nut sale was how they try to pawn off the store brand nuts at $3.99 making whole Cashews .41/oz and premium nuts .47/oz. The ad says "Compare to Planters". Why? So you can see that Planter's, the better, less buggy name brand is actually cheaper than the store brand?

Ok, I thought that was bad but then I saw Walgreens Planters sale B1G1 at $6.99 a can! Are you nuts, Walgreens? It's not just about being cheap or even being frugal. Comparing prices is smart to avoid being ripped off big time.

Take the Pepsi 12 packs on sale at Rite-Aid. 3/$11 or $3.67/ea. Ha! Next week at CVS you can get Pepsi at $2.25 per 12 pack wyb 4 (after ECB) plus a free 2 liter Sierra. See frugalsuz for details. But don't buy Pepsi at CVS this week at 3/$11. I love how they say "Limit 6" like this is an excellent deal.

What are your thoughts on all this shifty advertising?

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