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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fuel Cost Per Mile Summary

I posted earlier about my MPG and have figured out my cost of fuel per mile as well. With Hess gas my cost was $.1286 per mile. Sheetz gas was $.1356 per mile. Sheetz was $.02 less per gallon and my mileage with Sheetz was 1.553 MPG less than with Hess. I beleive Hess to be a higher quality gas than Sheetz so it appears that you do get better mileage with better gas. It also appears that even if you spend more on better gas, it is actually cheaper.

Here is the formula I used:
MPG X Gallons Purchased=Total Miles Driven
Total Cost/TMD=Fuel Cost Per Mile

Example: On 09/04 I purchased gas at Sheetz. My MPG since my last fill up at Hess was 27.66. I multiplied 27.66 by the volume (11.9 gallons) I purchased at Hess the week prior which comes to 329 Total Miles Driven.

The cost of the gas at Hess was $42.33 which I divided by 329 for a Fuel Cost Per Mile of $.1286.

If anyone sees any flaws in this formula let me know because my mind was kind of boggled by this but I think it's right. Also, I created an Excel spreadsheet so all I have to do is plug in the numbers next time.

Let me know if you find this information interesting and useful.

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