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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Things I Did Not Know About CVS

A while back I read a post containing shopping tips that mentioned two tips that go hand in hand. 1. shop on the same day of the week and 2. get to know an employee who can share sales info with you. I searched for this post and unfortunetly I am having a hard time finding it. I can say that I read it on one of the blogs in my list to the left. (if you happened to have written the post I am refering to please send a link, it was great)

I never really liked shopping on Saturdays because the new sales pricing was going up and the old ones were coming down and I would be afraid to buy something that was on sale but didn't have the sales pricing on the shelf or buy something going on sale but maybe the computers weren't updated yet.

One Saturday I did go to CVS and mentioned my concern to the employee putting up new tags. She explained that yes, the outgoing sale was still valid, even if they already took the tag down, due to time constrainted. Of course this is pretty obvious. But what she told me next I had no idea.

She explained that because the new flyer comes out Saturday, the two weeks overlap that day making Saturday the best day to shop. In the perfect world you could do 2 weeks of CVS shopping in one, not that you would ever find all the products in one trip, but still good to know. This also explains why sometimes items are sold out even by Sunday afternoon.

The employee was eager to share with me details about how you can use sales, ECBs and coupons to get cheap and free prices. It was funny, the two of us kneeling in the aisle flipping through the flyers. I took advantage of the situation and ask several questions to help clarify CVS shopping for me. I also made sure to take note of and actually remember her name.

One other tid-bit of info regarding the overlapping sales is this:
ECBs shown in the monthly flyer are good both weeks but if the ECB deal is shown only in the weekly sales flyer you will have to wait until the sale officially starts on Sunday to take advantage of that. As an example I will use this list of best deals posted by frugalsuz:


Nivea for Men Bodywash $4.99, use $1 coupon (7/20 SS) and get back $4.99 ECB (Limit 1) = $1 overage

This Nivea deal is in the Sept. extra value book, so look for it on Saturday.

The rest on this list are not in the extra value book so you'll have to wait until Sunday

(not the best example of why shopping Saturday is better, but it gives you idea. Maybe by Saturday the shelves will be restocked!)
Sunday & Monday only: L'Oreal Advanced Revitalist anti wrinkle serum $11.99, use $3 coupon (7/20 SS) and get back $11.99 ECB (Limit 1) = $3 profit
Crest Pro Health $2.99, get back $2 ECB (Limit 2) and use $1 coupon (8/31 P&G) = FREE
South Beach and Kashi Bars two for $5 (buy two of each), use two $2 South Beach coupons and two $2 Kashi coupons plus a $2 off $10 coupon = FREE
Adidas deodorant $4.99, use $1 coupon (7/27 or 9/7 RP) and get back $4 ECB (Limit 1) = FREE
Pepsi 12 pack four for $12 and get back $3 ECB (WYB 4), use Sierra Mist Q (free bottle WYB 3 profitcases of Pepsi)

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