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Friday, September 12, 2008

Make Money from a Previous SCR Deal

Turns out this is only good if you purchase a bottle that has a peelie.

*Charles Worthington Results, Dream, or Big hair care product
Go to Hooray for Rebates for instructions. Expires 12/31/08

Here is my plan: I remembered that this was a Free after SCR at Rite-Aid a while back. I went to the SCR site and saw it was an August deal. I clicked on it and narrowed the date down to 08/03 to 08/05 and was quickly able to locate my reciept. So not only was it free after SCR but I should be able to make $4.99 if this works.


Lorelei said...

Good idea! I didn't have any info on the range of dates this one was good for, so I've asked the company if they can provide any add'l info. Will let you know!

Lorelei said...

According to the Worthington people:

There is no range the item must be purchased in. If you have any more questions please let me know.

Have a good night,
Nicole Klaucens

Beautology Brands Company
903 Commerce Drive - Suite 140
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523

Steph said...

Thanks Lorelei! Steph